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  • dd_study dd_study Feb 6, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    Alpha Pro Tech's stock price is getting ready to spiral up sharply...

    The current low price and volume is misleading, like the calm which occurs before a storm...

    Late last fall, unfortunately, two macro events occurred which, in my humble opinion, caused the demand for each and every one of APT's product lines to surge. In October, Hurricane Sandy slammed the entire east coast of the United States, resulting in huge amounts of property damage, and shooting up the demand for materials to rebuild with. Shortly thereafter, a very bad flu season started moving into the States in November which quickly grew to epidemic levels both here and in Europe, triggering much higher demand for disposable infectious control products.

    I believe Alpha Pro Tech will be reporting very strong 2012 fourth quarter results due to the above events, and this momentum will continue into 2013. Management has basically already confirmed a resultant surge in their product sales due to the very large stock buybacks they are completing, which only occur at this magnitude during their blowout quarters, when excess cash flows are abundant....

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    • "meifud" has replied with some very perceptive and well thought out comments. I am surprised that the CDC was wrong this year when it announced the flu was at epidemic levels here in the States. At any rate, only time will tell who is right with regard to this nice little company...

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      • not sure? does stuff spiral up? not saying it doesn't but just never heard that....I flipped once recently and made some dough....bought back after retract.....and honestly the chart is lookin a little better last few days....but volume too a sell in at 1.98 and I'll be happy if next week or 6 months from now.....I get um wrong all the time but I get um right more thats why I keep doin this after 20 or so years

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    • "shooting up the demand for materials to rebuild"
      it was hardly a blip, and we are not even sure apt distributes materials in that area

      "grew to epidemic levels both here and in Europe"
      never reached epidemic status on any continent, and the bigger producers most likely easily met the minor rise in demand from inventory

      "this momentum will continue into 2013"
      how do you achieve momentum from two one-time events?

      "which only occur at this magnitude during their blowout quarters, when excess cash flows are abundant"
      wow, you must be a fiction writer! you certainly, certainl,y have no historic perspective of apt's ongoing buyback or the prices they have paid or its correlation to cash flow.

      blowout quarter???? guess you bought hoping to ride the flu, and now have the chutzpah to think you can create a buying frenzy with this pitiful post so you can get out. ha, ha!

      btw, anyone who claims "my humble opinion" is expressing anything but ...

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