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  • kldturbo kldturbo Mar 5, 2014 5:56 PM Flag

    AEGY / SKTO Merger Points


    SKTO is at 3 cents and a Nickle is in their sights.....From there a dime etc...They could have denied AEGY the merger but they see AEGY as a good platform ...They (as a team) makes sense to each other which tells me they will be a strong machine in this sector....Website / Vaporizers / Edibles / Janescard / an APP / a Delivery Service plan..etc .....We're One Good PR from Boomage .....It's coming ,...and I'm Lovin' it !

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Kid honest question here, how deep have you gone int on skto? They are the main reason I have doubts of aegy being attached at the hip for a while now. You know they have no brick and mortar building right? So if they are all on line and virtual..... why do they need each other I just don't get it can you please elaborate.

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      • Mergers Happen All the Time....They can share connections and cut costs doing it...One has name recognition...etc thats a rhetorical question....i'm not going to be spending my k\nights trying to rationalize BUllSHlT attempts to why they may or not want to mefrge THEY MERGED and I am Glad they Did .

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      • Its The Same Way Many Start Up Businesses Do it On Amazon ...Made In Local Fabricators OR Made in China .

        PharmaJanes can have vaporizers made by either a Local Fabricator in their city OR Have them Made in China or Mexico etc ..Start Up Businesses Do It ALL The Time !...It would save them money....Brick and Mortar is an added expense they dont need right now as the build their business ...Its simple,,,They Take an Order ,, They get it filled...They Mail it to You..Its The Same Way Many Businesses Do it On Amazon.

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    • It does seem very promising. For some reason there is a big scare backlash. SKTO seems to be a decent bet, and AEGY has pharma janes. Not sure why this is sinking. Some MMs attack?

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      • I will start off by saying that if you don't have faith in ANY company then don't waste your time...and dont stay here all day bashing it because it just means that you are a "shorter" trying to convince people to sell.

        That said..PharmaJanes / SKTO are a Legitimate Hospice company and have exclusive rights to Dharmanol which (in short) is a cancer preventative ,,Its a FACT that cannabis is a cancer fighter .

        I tried posting a link from the National Cancer Institute but yahoo won't let me so feel free to google it yourself.

        Aside from that and the Soaring Popularity of the Website which also has This train is getting to roll..., skto is at 3 cents and a nickle is in their sights...From there a dime etc...they could have denied the merger but they see AEGY as a good platform .

        SKTO Has Confidence enough to Buy AEGY and has Confidence from their Investors ...That formula combined with JanesCard etc equates to AEGY being a Strong Buy in my book at cheaper prices than skto (because they are merging)...

        It's your decision,. You asked me and I'm stating why I'm invested ;

        Together they will be a strong machine in this sector....Website / Vaporizers / Edibles / Janescard / an APP / a Delivery Service plan..etc
        ...It's coming and I'm Lovin' it .

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      • The took profits yesterday..the day before had a great run upo of 70% ...If you dont like it then sell it ...I like it.

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      • Traders would bail on this news especially after a run up..they don't like ambiguity and news like this creates it..they don't want money tied up..that's a trader and always part of the picture. I invested and will hold. GL

      • fitx yesterday anf aegy today.. they pick and chose.. in a day or two they lst it ride once they get it cheap...Like fitx.. LOL!!

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