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  • sasind1 sasind1 Sep 24, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    Patience.... HOLD and watch... to

    well..are we having fun yet ? Honestly I thought 27ish would be our watch not so sure. At 26.84 this a.m and currently 27.16... I am just holding. For CNW this time of year into the next 4 weeks a downturn is normal...stack on top of that the Europe scare and the fact the U.S. economy is worse than we are always led to believe. ( of course WE in this room know how the economy really is) Anyway...this insignificant poster is on HOLD. Would like to see a week of steady. Good luck. Fargo Dude.

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    • Seem to be a few intelligent posters on this board.

      I was wondering if any of you had given any thought to FFEX.

      Second quarter earnings were 6 cents and was the companys first profitable quarter in 2 years.

      Management says the company is just in the early innings of a turnaround and are projecting breakeven to a small profit for the current fiscal year. As they lost 32 cents in the first quarter that implies they are expecting at least a combined 26 cents in 3rd and 4th quarter earnings.

      Company has a strong balance sheet and they are actually the national leader in LTL refer.

      The stock had been in he low $1's before the 2nd quarter results came out, but it ran up to about $2.50 afterwards until the recent pulback to $2. It basically doubled after the 2nd quarter report came out.

      Anyways, 3rd quarter earning will be reported in another 3 or 4 weeks and I am thinking the stock will double again if they report results and a forecast that are on track with their projections for at least 26 cents in combined 3rd and 4th quarter earnings.

      If they have really turned things around I also don't see any real reason why the stock shouldn't advance to double digits from the current $2 sometime in the first half of next year

    • Hi Fargo -

      Congrats on calling what MIGHT be CNW's bottom at or near $27. Should've waited and listened to you before making my purchase some weeks ago. Anyway I think transports in general will get cranking before too long - my other holdings include ABFS and WNC, which are at similar bargain levels IMO.

      Cheers to you - and oh, BTW - since you're good at calling the bottom, do you have a max value and timeframe in mind as well?

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Greetings Permalink.... thanks for the kind words. Before I answer your question...let me be sure to inform you DO NOT FOLLOW MY ADVICE..... ok.. got that off my chest and wont have to go to confession. Frankly, not sure now that 27 is the bottom.. but as you now...if one tries to wait to find bottom.. one 'taint likely to ever invest. Won't surprise me to see CNW bounce back and below 27 tomorrow (Tuesday)... For my own tastes I'd like to see it ride a wave for a week to give me some sense of bottom.... AS FOR MAX VALUE... CNW usually does great guns in deliveries the first two months after Christmas....due primarily to their customers restocking after the Holiday season. A "max" for me is $35.00 and I'll take my profit.... Best thing you can do is go look at the last two years charts and see what jump... if any.. did CNW have from November to February. If you like what you now and wait. Finally, I am not one that goes to LONG... and waiting for January and February is very painful for me. But with this stock I think Long works. Oh..and the reason I dont go a year or years... is because I am 59 and looking to take quicker profits sooner.. Good Luck. Fargo Dude.

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