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  • bogey_99 bogey_99 Jan 30, 1998 6:22 PM Flag

    what does george soros know that we don'

    recently saw that george soros bought 7% of SEVEN SEAS
    has he bought any HEC that anyone knows about?

    has anyone seen structural maps of Harkens prospects?

    I've seen Seven Seas rough struture maps as shown in their reports and the oppenheimer report. it shows the overall structure of the field dipping to the west.
    it appears that as they drill further to the west the more likely the northern portion of the HEC block will be productive but in a downdip position.
    hopefully HEC has another isolated structure to the south of that or they will be on the flank of Emerald Mountain Field and probably will not have a billion barrels. they need to have a separate closure to have their own field of any great size. the main structural closure is on SEV acreage.
    this adds a little more risk to the HEC acreage. I thought you might like to consider this . it is very possible the next closure on trend on this fault will be dry. the emerald mountain structure appears to be in a area where two faults are converging to the north cutting off further migration northward.
    what has happened to the south is totally unknown. hopefully their was another closure which filled up to its spill point
    then allowing the remainder of the oil to flow to the northand be trapped at emerald mountain. it is possible that the traps to
    the south have leaked out to the north. this is why looking for oil is considered risky. sometimes mother nature plays little
    tricks. just be careful with your confidence level.there are plenty of dry holes in this area with oil shows. possibly oil that
    simply passed through on its way to some other final trap EMERALD MTN. its important to know if a seperate trap is present to the

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    • I didn't read your message carefully enough, and was thinking HEC (140M shares).

      I get it now.

      Thanks - guess there's a reason they call me Maniac!


    • i'm not sure how you came up with $50MM

      $.35 x 41MM shares outstanding(SEV)= $14MM for deep test
      not bad for a chance of 1Billion underneath a proven field

      of course these numbers are unofficial


    • Is your math right, or is it $0.035 per share?... I would accept $5M, or even $10M for something special... but $50M doesn't sound right.

      $50M is going to cover the cost of drilling have of 1998 in columbia for HEC...


    • Good day sorta it held the line at 6.750 and kissed 7 more than it did monday. The volume was not as high as monday , i think
      we are in a wait and see mode.Still i think today accumulation
      is still the majority. The SI thread is either in a wait and see
      mode or people have left. Intresting posts there about the production rates coming out i hope that it is true,would lend
      to the so called hype some credibility,again news an rumor are
      everywhere either from Harkens 3 sisters (roh, pkc, and sev)
      or harken itself. All in all makes for exciting times but i believe the well will produce if they have chalk problems there is the techhnology to deal with that as per austin chalk an swift
      energy ref. at I appreciate these boards a great deal even the hype I could see harken at 10
      but 15 i doubt it there are too many shares out there 140mil if
      i recall but still harken is batting 1000 on these wells and they have the answers and financing for the future. Exciting times for us Harkenites. seeya Roy in the great nation of TEXAS

    • 2nd half of 98 SEV plans to drill deep test(15-16,000') at EMERALD MTN to test subthrust below current discovery. same formation(cimarrona) different thrust sheet.
      don,t know if HEC has same potential deep . this test will cost $.35/share but could add $20/share value if 1 billion barrels. not a bad deal, huh?

      this could make cambulos block very interesting even if shallow thrust sheets don't work.

    • I'm in total agreement with Saville12, who talks just like my daughter. Harken is definitely the shit! I've been watching Harken since late 1995 and have been a Harken player since March 1996. Have also watched this thread for a long time, but have never posted anything until reading Saville12's most profound message. I'm hoping the "juice news" on Harken will be forthcoming this week. I'm ready. GO, Harken!

    • It looks like accumulation is going on and solid day trading.
      Got as high as 7 a strong base at 6.750 looks like players are
      coming back to this stock. I would love to see it trade like
      this everyday at 1/8ths and 1/4 surges with close to a million
      traded everyday. I think Febuary is the month where we start
      living in the 7's. imho Roy enjoying el nino summer
      P.S. as for mentioning of other stocks on this thread if its
      related to Harken i don't mind such as Rohr,Parkcrest, and Seven
      Seas but others please keep to a snippet and fill this thread
      with Harken news and info. thanks

    • I agree about diluting the integrity of this thread. I don't want to see it get taken over with jabber about another stock. I come here to hear about HEC. If I want to see about others, I go to their thread. T--l has good conversation on another thread call Silicon Investor. I go there to hear the guys chat about it there. I also do not mind seeing a refference to another stock if it is a common item we are discussing about HEC. Please don't go away from here. Try this site:

      target=new >

      Just put in the symbol and it will take you to the thread for the stock. Only limitation is you cannot reply unless you want to pay $125. Give it a try and keep coming back, your welcome here.

    • Nothing personal kire00:

      I agree, I don't want to see this HEC thread over run with other company names. But I for one appreciate the name dropping of other companies when done in moderation, it's gives more insight to industry as whole. It helps to provides valuation data in the oil & gas, and some of my best buys have come from following up on other mentioned companies.

    • Hec is where it's at !!!!! tril has nothing on us Harken is the shit and it's just a matter of time before they come out with that juice news, Later Saville

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