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  • natresource natresource Feb 24, 1998 5:20 PM Flag


    Seven Seas maybe courting Parkcrest, heard this from a friend in Canada, because of Mr. Butlers position with Seven Seas before he went to PKC and it would hurt SEV rival Haarken. Ecopetrol should give PKC an association contract news to be announced soon.

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    • Have heard same rumour. Meantime nows the time to buy PKC. The financing brokerage firm is cashing in the 40 cent warrants that expire end of this month and selling them off for a quick 300% profit, thus driving down the price. You have til months end or well news.

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      • The rumour is not a good one my friend! SEV is the last outfit that Malcolm wants to talk to. Read my earlier posts... and
        you won't have that much time to buy PKC! HEC is in competition for PKC whereas they had a clean shot before. Everyone is
        marvelling at ROH (wrong!); and Yorkton has mud on it's face because their method has reached the eyes and ears of Parkcrest and its
        supporters. Notice (today) they're now on the bid, not the offer! Too little... too late! They put a lot of (free market) shares into
        conflicting hands. Yorkton has jeopardized their participation in future opportunities - whether or not they complete this one, so
        they're going to have to make up for the greed that compromised their position! PKC wants to work with them but their lack of
        professional ethics has 'peeved' off some large PKC supporters (possibly Yorkton clients also). Sure it's traded down to $1.00 but try
        and buy any decent size at these levels and you'll quickly discover that they're being accumulated, not distributed.

    • I have follwed PKC for that last 11 months and IIMO think they are in a great position right now, even though I am at a loss owning the stock, but am in for the long term, they have great management and adding Mr. Butler is great for the company.
      One thing to think about ROH even Harken have been financed in a major way by a huge foreign company and PKC has financed
      itself albeit through stock and warrants but its a good thing they have primarilly done it on their own, that says alot. And with
      this association contract that Ecopetrol is going to grant them and with gas field in Texas I think they will grow rapidly in the
      next 6-12 months. I hope they dont sell-out to Harken, I dont want Harken stock and I think PKC has better opportunities going it
      alone, they just acquired Colombian Hydrocarbons thye will acquire others too.

      You may want to look at a company called Airgen Corporation, a holding company in the oil/gas service sector just bought 2 more companies and issued a debenture with rights at 1.10cnd and its selling for only .50 cnd. They are going to revise this years estimates becasue of the acquisitions they made, from 15 million to over 30 million in revenue, not bad for a company 2 years old.

    • PKC, put it all in HEC. And tell all your friends to do so too.
      This way the value of our HEC shares will go up.

      Just another unbiasad opinion.


    • Since your in the hole with PKC I'm glad you don't want Harken. I like the fact that you've been wrong . Good contrarian indicator for Hec.

    • GoldScreen please reread my post at 547.

      To all: SEV has moved up very sharply! Why (exactly) is still not clear. They have had good news on drilling for a couple of years and there are some current wells that might have exceptionally good news of which an investor large enough to invest in the airfare and armored car might have gotten an early glimpse. Also, and no link intended, Soros increased his position significantly, but only after price followed volume up strongly on 2 trading days prior to his purchase.

      The fact is that SEV and HEC both have exciting prospects, and so do PKC and ROH. Of the four, HEC is the more solid company with respect to operations. However, SEV started drilling earlier, indeed their early success apparently bird dogged HEC and the others. It is predictable that their share price would move earlier. The questions that remain:

      When will HEC (and PKC and ROH) move?
      How much will HEC et. al. move?


      Toocas auf dem tisch! (term I learned living in NYC - put your (rear) on the table).

      Post here for all to see, one hour to two days before the move, your prediction of the move and some rough idea of how much. Obviously, when is much more critical than how much. If you guess wrong, that is no move within two days, the clock starts all over again and please feel free to call it again.

      No one will be insulted if you make your buys before you post but let us know if you have the strength of your convictions that you did make the buy, or sell.

    • Watch it run with pending news. Will it HOLD above 8.00???

    • I hope you have been down there and verified your data! According to the sources I have, (who put their money where their mouth is) it is commercial and will give real credibility to ROH. It will also be one more feather in the HEC war bonnet they are building in the Quest.
      What you saw today was some of the smart money moving in. Are you shorting this stuff or what?

    • ok if what you are saying is legit then answer very simple question then: why is pankrest 1.10 and harken is 6 1/8. My money
      says in six months harken will be better play. I brought up risk associated with penny stocks because nasaq has brought up same
      issue. I have first hand experienced the effect of hyped up penny stocks that went belly-up. The point i am making is you get what
      you pay in anything in life. To the average investor Harken is better play then Pankrest based just on reserves. short
      term Harken will underperform but towards end of April when cambous gets underway comparision between Pankrest and Harken will be
      silly so enjoy your 15 minutes.

    • I was referring to PKC as a penny only. Obviously references to Sev and how it might relate to Hec are relevant. But discussions about Sev adnauseum on this thread is in bad taste and some of it is childish stuff, ie. my stock is going up quicker than your stock. If you read the Hec and Sev threads on SI you will not see this childishness. Reminds of 2 kids arguing over whose better the Mets or Yankees.

    • I referred my post to caplan 9. Are you confused?

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