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  • like2grow like2grow Mar 3, 1998 10:35 AM Flag


    Take it easy on the spiderman. #1, he's new to the board and we need lots of Harken supporters. #2, he must be pretty smart if he bought Harken.

    Welcome aboard, spiderman.

    Go Harken. Tell it like it is at the big conference. Pat yourself on the back. Sell your wares. Be optimistic. Make us all a little richer. We've been patient and we're counting on you now.

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    • This guy's stockguru_007 not spiderman. If he were interested in Harken I would leave him alone. I do not know what he is up to but he has appeared on Ramtron with exactly the same post. I expect we will find he is simply spamming indiscriminately. Take a look at the CAML and SCMM boards to see the damage that can be done to constructive discourse when irrelevant posting goes unchallenged.

    • He is saturating every board in Yahoo with his message. He is trying to pull off something and he needs to stop.