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  • dhrosier dhrosier Mar 11, 1998 1:18 PM Flag

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    If Rochester was a good buy at $1.80 and $1.50 it must be a screamer at $1.30!

    I confess ignorance to a great extent. I have looked at the fundamentals only enough to confirm that Ed Ajootian and other posters on the ROH thread at SI are close to the mark. Even Ajootian seems to be frustrated. You might read 515 forward for current thoughts, exasperations really.
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    I think there is some question of how strong ROH is compared to the other players, even PKC, at least on the surface. Ajootian seems to think concerns re ROH are a bit over blown and that it is stronger and a better play than PKC. Given those issues and the depressed price of oil at the moment it is understandable that the little Canadian cos suffer the most.

    "Just for fun" I put our 4 Colombian companies on a comparison chart at WallStreetCity. The chart started in Dec 97 because they apparently have no history of ROH prior to then. When I included SEV in the group the start point is early Jan 98. Check it out by clicking:
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    Seven Seas (AMEX) surged of course, but ROH really did little worse than HEC and PKC in that period. I think all oils are more or less being tarred by the same brush.

    I took a relatively small position in PKC without enough due diligence (appropriate to the amount of the exposure) choosing it over ROH primarily because of the comments of those on the SI threads with confirmation by brief DD. It might well be that ROH gives a little more pop but if either is a good play then both will be alright. If I were going to risk more, well my holdings in HEC and SEV are a number of times larger than what I bought in PKC.

    I hope this helps some, and thanks for the invite.