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  • low_high low_high Apr 21, 1998 11:53 AM Flag

    Thanks for Predictions

    As a newbie to this group, I really appreciate all of your insights and speculations. I look forward to receiving my information from HEC investor relations and contributing something meaningful to this group in the future.

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    • Hey Big,

      You made some good points re. the rip van winkle analogy. I'll bet you wish this was all a bad dream, huh?

    • Are ya still looking for $10 by years end?

      No Need To Be Scared!
      by: Bigstick_1998 05/01/98 12:16 pm
      Msg: 1119 of 170014

      Nice name...where'd you get it? I was referring to the Estero #3 Well. The pump and cable have been fixed and testing is proceeding. Don't be afraid of this stock, its going to move up..and that's a fact. Like dhrosier said in his recent post, the stock is undervalued and must move up in the future. While the Cambulos is deemed to be the major play for HEC, I believe the other wells Olivio, Estero, and Canacambre will add substantial value to HEC to move it on up. IMO I believe we will see HEC at $10 by year end, based upon the wells they have drilled to date...if they will come out with the reserve reports we are anticipating. If they do not announce the reserve reports, then i do not believe it will move upwards sustantially.



    • Y'all fergot bout the RE-verse split in yer calcalatin.

    • Maniac,
      They don't need a camera. The pump is in the hole.... it can't go anywhere. The problem is getting it out. They have to catch hold of the cable in a way that doesn't cause the cable to get all bound up in the casing.
      Yes, they have cameras now but the fluid may be such that they couldn't see anything anyway. They have tools designed to catch cables and I am sure they will have the problem solved shortly. There's always some risk and the chance that things get bound up. They probably have thousands of feet of cable laying on top ot the pump like spaghetti.
      Something is telling me that there is more to this delay in news than just this fishing job. It should be interesting.
      Its soooooooo hard to be patient.
      Keep Smilin'

    • They know where it is .Just that getting latched on to it and staying latched without getting hung (stuck in the hole) up trying to bring it out.If it is cocked sideways or where the fishing tool can't latch to it,Then it becomes a decision to cement it in and drill to the side of it,or keep fishing for it.It is all determined by the cost of the pump and cost trying to retrieve it.

    • It would seem that with all the high tech stuff now used for oil drilling, that a submerged camera in the drill bore would be a relatively simple matter to find the lost pump / cables... or is this not so easy because the environment is lots of oil?

      Any of you oil pros know anything about this???



    • I must really be KRAZY for talking on this thing at 12 o'clock on Saturday night. Has anyone heard how the fishing expedition for the pump is going?

      dhr, I will send you private email on your Bass Bros. question so as to avoid too much offthread talk about nonrelevant HEC info
      ...I think it's time for bed


    • Anyone thinking about buying ROH should do their due diligence. It is an exciting opportunity but there is some question regarding the amount of risk that goes with the leverage. The ROH thread on SI is a good starting point. Link follows:

      KT: How much attention do you pay to the Bass bros? In particular, I was intrigued by the deal they did last August or so. They bought a bunch of water rights in Southern California and traded them to US Filter for more than $300 million shares of USF. One of the articles in the WSJournal noted a futurism opinion expressed by USF that they expecte that we will run out of clean water in the not too distant future and that this investment was a step towards acting on that conclusion.

      Have you seen anything on the Bass bros. and any similar conclusions, or actions that might be implementing such?

    • My only reason for mentioning, Bass Bros. is that in order to get people with that kind of influence involved in a project,
      show's off the class act we are dealing with @ Hec and Mr. Faulkner. It is my understanding that HEC has people in place in S. Am
      that really know whats going on, operationally and politically. With some of the people that HEC has in place I can sleep at nite
      knowing that, as far as drilling ,engineering and completing is concerned, we have some very capable staff on board. We do have a
      plan, and thats better than it used to be!!

    • oilseekr,

      I was the one who queried sandcontrolman about Bass Bros. involvement in HEC. It appears they are not in the HEC picture anymore. I was curious more than anything, because I live close to "Foat Wuth" and the Bass Bros are always making news by making lots of $$$$$ and spending lots of $$$$$ fairly successfully. (I'm sure you know this) I'm curious why they aren't sniffing around what appears to be an excellent Columbian play. Did they get really burned in Bahrain?

      I'm "still in diapers" in this stock market thing and as I said in an earlier post I am "ridin' the fence" on HEC , long and short, but I have been in the oil business before. By nature that would makes me not that averse to risk. Anyway, appreciate your input and don't spend alot of effort on that Bass Bros. question it's probably not relevant to current HEC info.

      Thanks for the Roh links, and I would probably consider buying Roh except I cleaned out my margin account yesterday to buy more HEC...cashless again!


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