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  • dhrosier dhrosier Apr 25, 1998 1:36 PM Flag

    Thanks for Predictions

    Anyone thinking about buying ROH should do their due diligence. It is an exciting opportunity but there is some question regarding the amount of risk that goes with the leverage. The ROH thread on SI is a good starting point. Link follows:

    KT: How much attention do you pay to the Bass bros? In particular, I was intrigued by the deal they did last August or so. They bought a bunch of water rights in Southern California and traded them to US Filter for more than $300 million shares of USF. One of the articles in the WSJournal noted a futurism opinion expressed by USF that they expecte that we will run out of clean water in the not too distant future and that this investment was a step towards acting on that conclusion.

    Have you seen anything on the Bass bros. and any similar conclusions, or actions that might be implementing such?