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  • For a "big" buyer a million $ is more loose cash than a serious buy. This could well be the kind of buying your contact is
    describing. IF something happens that really catches the attention of the BIG buyers it is likely to be something that demonstrates
    solid value. That might be reserves or sustainable production or simply a revaluation of stuff that is already demonstrated when
    oil prices bounce back up. In that event, I seriously doubt they are going to piss around with a point or two. At that point the
    objective will be to invest a significant percentage of their invested assets, which may include a reallocation of assets to E&P. The
    stuff Harken has found already significantly over shadows its current market value, in my opinion, and a dollar or two is nothing
    compared to the incremental value the market will add to the price of the stock once people with real money stop to run the numbers.

    OK, I have hung it out. You guys that really know something show me where I am wrong! I have gone down in flames so many times I kind of enjoy the ride!