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  • dhrosier dhrosier May 21, 1998 6:17 PM Flag

    Anyone with an answer?

    I did a search on Harken in Sep 96 using Compass
    by Quarterdeck. The article you linked floated to
    the surface along with a lot of other stuff that
    floats. The web has an extraordinary number of poor
    demented sickos because of the anonymity.

    The most
    entertaining article in that bin went on for over 100 pages.
    Talk about obsessed! I guess I must have some kind of
    problem myself because I read or skimmed most of them.
    Actually, it was hilarious, sort of like the super dumb
    movie Black Hole.

    Did you know that our space
    program since the 1st Moon landing has been a fraud? At
    that time we made contact with a Saurian race that had
    been living on the dark side of the Moon for a long
    time. Ever since then our government on Earth has been
    more or less of a shadow operation for the Saurians.
    Of course, George Bush was a key player in all of
    that. I do not recall how. My memory works much better
    with logical structures I can recreate, and this did
    not fit the model.

    Do not underestimate the
    mindless drivel you are likely to read from the Bush
    haters. I did not spend much time trying to determine why
    they hate him so much - id as a conservative oriented
    Republican or whatever. It may be that there are a great
    many others who attract the same or greater attention.
    It is just that the attention given Bush caught me
    by surprise because, in my view, he was never a
    strong force for much of anything. You know, troubled by
    the "vision thing". The caretaker president who
    didn't take care of the rather nice business he
    inherited from the guy who did have the vision and the
    trust in his people to get it moving.