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Harken Energy Corporation (HEC) Message Board

  • hullnkeel hullnkeel May 19, 1999 10:48 AM Flag

    Stick, Please explain...

    ted that he
    explain "The Poison Pill" to me. He could not or would
    not. He said he would remove material out of a box (
    they were in process of moving )and get back to me
    with a complete explanation on how 1/1000 share for
    every 1 share of HEC was a BOON for shareholders.
    Again, he never returned. Maybe, he is very busy.

    Then again maybe; He does not understand it himself or
    It is not as good for shareholders as we would
    believe or It is close to being utilized. Does anyone
    understand "PILL" or have any thoughts about it.
    luck to all.

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    • Well, same ol� same ol� today, except, if it�s of
      any consolation, the day was capped by a nice 12,100
      block purchase. Hopefully it�s an omen of things to

      The steady selling is troublesome. If the company was
      indeed sitting on top of positive IFC loan news, and
      wanted to keep it under wraps, the word would have
      leaked out anyway, by now, and should have reflected on
      the stock price. The troublesome aspect; maybe the
      word has leaked out, but the news is not


      ""If I compromized my identity I would have to kill

      It would have been nice to have posted a few sight
      photos, for the diehard HEC fanaticals, but I understand.
      Keep posting what you can. You have been most
      beneficial to the thread.

      P.S. My bandido terrorist
      amigo, Alfredo, sends his regards, but was disappointed
      you did not E-mail the photos. He was entertaining
      the thought that, perhaps, he had nabbed you this
      time. Shucks, foiled again. He He.


    • If I compromized my identity I would have to kill
      you !

      If you can picture the flat pasture land
      on a hot Summer day in South East Texas, that's what
      the location looks like. No pictures, guerillas have
      e-mail too.

      As to Underbalanced Drilling... read
      some of the trade magazines such as World Oil and
      specifically the article mentioned in one of the previous
      posts by a Harken drilling engineer which is Bolivar
      They will be using a closed system this time for
      obvious safety reasons.

      Will keep yu'all informed
      along the way because my buddy Kelly Down is fairly
      heavily into HEC and like every one else on this board
      needs it to go like hell.

      By the way ALL, seems
      that we have uwanted, extinct company again - ignore
      the ignorant dick head and he'll eventually go


    • ""Lets go back and review...
      When the
      agreement was made hec was trading 1 3/8 to 1 7/16, ""

      As you suggested, I went back and reviewed your
      numbers. Unless you know something I don�t, on May 6th
      ,1999, when the deal was announced, HEC closed at $2

      PR Newswire, Thursday, May 06, 1999 at
      HOUSTON, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Harken Energy Corporation
      (AMEX:HEC)announced today that it signed a definitive purchase and
      sale agreement with International Rochester Energy
      Corp. (Toronto: ROH)....
      Under the terms of the
      purchase agreement entered into between Harken and
      Rochester, subject to certain conditions and potential
      adjustments, Harken will as of closing forgive an undisclosed
      amount of debt owed by Rochesterrelating to these
      operations and will issue to Rochester 2,600,000 shares of
      Harken's $.Ol par value common stock.""

      clarify, you have me a bit confused.


    • Title talks about the new management and a new
      loan. I cannot access the text (not a stockwatch
      subscriber) and have no other details as yet. Does this mean
      that PKC have sought other financing in order to
      pursue other projects whilst keeping hold of their 1.35
      million HEC shares? Don't know, but hope to find out

    • two more perceptive observers don't sell hec mgt. Short roh cut a better deal

    • I think you are right. Something tells me that I
      don't want to play poker with the Harken Management. If
      you are right then PKC was dealt a pair of sixes and
      ROH a pair of jacks. Harken still holds all the

    • the hec, roh, agreement for a moment. I think
      this will explain the downslide in the hec, stock. I
      also hope it will shed some light on why the stock
      needs to be trading where it is at. The agreement
      stipulates in part, that if the average price of hec,rises
      or falls,25% above or below the 30 day moving
      average from a specified price of..$1.756..that an
      adjustment of the original 2,600,000 shares offered shall be
      made...furthermore if roh or hec,can not agree to an adjustment to
      the amount of shares the agreement will be null and
      void.My analysis of what is happening to hec stock should
      be obvious to all...When the agreement was made hec
      was trading 1 3/8 to 1 7/16, 25% above $1.756 is
      $2.206.Hence if the price doesn't fall the agreement probably
      would...remember the average price of the 30 day moving average
      has to be below $2.206.I am not sure but think the 30
      days used are from May 8 to June 8....this is pure
      guessing on my part,but I believe this is why the
      anouncement of the IFC loan is being delayed as we were told
      "early june". Keeping the price down at this time is
      important....Always the optimist.. lol to all

    • enjoyed your reportage. Might we get a quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who I understand has been called in to mediate at the next Board retreat?


    • Unfortunately, I can't reproduce it with the
      "traffic light" format Bollinger uses.......However, it
      still can be read in order from top to bottom
      pick.......Notice where HEC is!....
      Oil Domestic



      St Mary Land Explor


      Amerada Hess

      Belco Oil

      Bellwether Exploration


      Parallel Petroleum

      Ashland Oil


      Ultramar Diamond


      KCS Energy

      S-3 is ANOTHER indicator of just where we are
      going............UP.......UP......UP.....Have a great weekend!

    • Your report is in violation of the Associated
      Press Style Handbook. It has given you away as a FAKE.
      For instance:

      "these peoples start to attack
      one another rather
      than support and love one

      You could, however, work for UPI, Ebony
      or The Memphis Gazette.

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