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  • dhrosier dhrosier Jul 29, 1999 10:14 AM Flag

    No HEC Worms In Canada

    Yahoo gave me a hard time so I broke it to see if
    I could end run the server. Here is the

    I notice in the Stratfor analysis the comment
    "...and next month the U.S. will reportedly begin
    training a Colombian river patrol unit." I wonder if my
    old RAG 1 is going to be reactivated, Monitors, PBRs,
    APBs, Mike 6 squadrons, maybe even the Seadragon with
    the Swift Boats. Anyone seen a PACV lately?

    articles in the WSJ today in the International section on
    page A21. One discussing oil price volatility notes
    that even OPEC efforts are hampered by poor quality of
    data regarding inventory and production, etc. The
    other discusses Colombian banks and you already know
    the content there, for the most part. The important
    thing is that Colombia's problems got a big story.