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  • Captainfreddy1 Captainfreddy1 Sep 7, 1999 7:44 PM Flag

    Wrap fish in that newspaper:

    e who's boss. The only thing your newspaper is good for is to wrap fish in it.

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    • assets in Columbia by the end of the

      The narco-leftist guerilla complex doesn't have any
      access to the media. Nonetheless, the government spin
      makes it plain that the government cannot withstand the
      broad based attack coming from the masses of poor who
      are funded by the Colombian narcotics industry.

    • Pretty hard to test a well if there were no
      trucks available isn't it?

      Is it possible the
      conclusion the hole was dry was based on the absence of
      fluids coming out from the drilling site, which was
      assumed to be caused by no oil coming out of well as
      opposed to no trucks coming from site?

      See, I have
      no idea. Reasonable people, and even unreasonable
      people, can draw all kinds of possible conclusions from a
      paucity of facts. Mark Twain once proved St. Louis and
      New Orleans would soon merged. He did so by charting
      the change in the travel distance on the Mississippi.
      And the distances did decrease, due to improvements
      in the river beds, removal of ox bows and the sort.
      Extrapolating the trend, he concluded the two cities would

      I do know there were strikes in Colombia, verified
      from several sources. So the notion there were no
      trucks available for shipping sounds very plausible.
      Would also explain the delay in getting the testing

      But then again, maybe there were other

      That's why it's prudent to wait and here the official
      announcements from the company.

      I certainly do not
      understand why anyone would say negative things about this
      company in an attempt to cover a short position. Harken
      is not exactly a high flyer that has been pumped up
      by a chatty, exuberant management cranking out press
      releases everyday reinforced with a flashy

      Still waiting for news on the pipeline.


    • still here-still strong-PD never mentioned the
      fact that there was a trucking strike-could not get
      materials in or fluids out-I still do not understand his
      motives. He must be a short or disgruntled. Nobody in
      their right mind would expose themselves publicly if
      they had key news. It does not make sense. HEC is no
      doubt a gamble but I will continue to throw the dice.
      The boy who got me into this stock has 1.8 million
      shares to date and continues to accumulate. He is also
      in the oil business. HEC goes to 0 nothing in my
      life changes.

    • You two sound like a couple of old women leaning over a picket fence in the backyard with that chat business.

      This doggy is gonna tank like an Eskimo Pie in the hot July sun.

    • Thanx for your concern.........Thanx for the compliments too..........Peace

    • Hope Floyd caused no pain for you or any of the others along the coast. Watch out for Gert.


    • A record of predictions of movement, prior to the
      movement, with a short time span from prediction to result.
      Short time span defined as 1 week to 3 months.
      Successful results determined as 20%+ rise. I prefer the
      increase to be maintained for 2 to 3 days (I am not a
      daytrader and my wonderful broker often takes a day or two
      to return calls) but if the prediction hits. . . I
      count it.

      Psycho is on a roll.


    • Fridays are volleyball leagues (I had to sub on Tues., missing Tuesdays chat). Sunday, maybe?


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