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  • dhrosier dhrosier Sep 8, 2000 4:51 PM Flag

    If I'm short 400000 shares, I can

    Where else can a sicko buy a moment of self
    satisfaction so cheaply? Or someone with a desperate need for
    a life get so much entertainment for $21.50? Given
    the price of popcorn and sodas at the movies, it is
    hard to get out of there for much less than

    And selling $12.50 under the market he or she can
    enjoy the angst that will be posted here for days.

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    • i just don't get guys cry like a baby
      about the manipulation of this stock by the
      marketmakers, yet it is o.k. for george bush jr. to do a inside
      job on this stock for millions and still walk!!!! go
      figure? you guys are twisted!