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  • stops_for_gas stops_for_gas Sep 19, 2000 3:46 PM Flag

    Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

    Tuesday September 19 11:47 AM ET
    Secretary Says Oil Prices 'Dangerously High'

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson
    said Tuesday that oil prices were ``dangerously high''
    and the White House would not hesitate to use all
    options to fight soaring energy prices.

    declined to say if the release of oil from the nation's
    Strategic Petroleum Reserve was imminent, but he said oil
    prices that are currently approaching $38 a barrel are
    ''dangerously high.'' He spoke to reporters after meeting with
    Northeast lawmakers.

    Richardson reiterated that all
    options were on the table to protect Americans from
    rising energy prices but would not say if current market
    conditions made it more likely that the emergency stockpile
    of oil would be tapped.

    Richardson met
    privately at the Capitol with lawmakers, who urged the
    administration to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum
    Reserve as soon as possible to prevent a spike in home
    heating oil prices this winter.

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    • RIGHT!! Tap the oil reserve - I thought that was
      for emergencies. High prices are an emergency??? The
      Feds talk out their ass. They talk about high prices,
      beg the big oil producers to increase production so
      we can throw more dollars their way and then up here
      in Alaska they are locking up millions of acres that
      you cannot only not drill on but you can't even take
      a motorized vehicle (boat or airplane) on, over or
      in those acres. What crap. Clinton is trying to lock
      up ANWAR and only Congress is preventing him from
      doing it and Gore says he will do it one way or another
      even declaring it a national monument if he has to.
      Some woman wrote a letter that we had to save ANWAR
      and it's beautiful old growth forest for our children
      and grandchildren. There is nothing at ANWAR, no
      trees, no bushes, not even a tall clump of weeds. Lots
      of plants 2 and 3 inches tall. I know since I have
      flown over it in a helicopter and have inspected
      abandoned oilwells close to the border. If the Feds are
      serious about easing the high price of oil tell them to
      get their ass out of Alaska. Every politician in the
      lower 48 wants to preserve Alaska. Lets lock up the
      same proportion of each state as they have locked up
      in Alaska and listen to them scream in the lower 48.
      All the farm land in Iowa, Ill, Ind, Ohio and many
      other states will off limits for any use. If you want
      to know what ANWAR looks like 9 months of the year
      put a while table cloth on your table. Then put a fan
      at one end of the table and turn it on high, then
      spinkle white confetti in front of the fan until you
      can't see anything and that gives you an idea of "the
      beautiful wilderness" that we must preserve so our Children
      can see it. Or in case you want to see it in the 2
      months of summer don't forget about the swarms of
      mosquitos unlike anything you have ever seen in the lower
      48. Anyone that says the oil companies foul the
      environment has never seen an Eskimo village.
      listen to the Politicans, they can talk out of both
      sides of their mouth and their ass all at the same
      time. IN MY OPINION

      • 2 Replies to cygraham
      • awesome post. Wilderness protection is the U.S.
        is a blanket approach, when it should be targeted.
        Really, Alaska is a political football. All has to do is
        mention the word, and he gets votes (from non-Alaskans).

      • For Clinton/Gore high oil prices are an
        emergency. They are still feeding on the fantasy that they
        have made a positive contribution to the economy over
        the past 7 years.

        An oil price driven
        recession would bust that bubble in a New York minute, and
        it would be no more their fault than the good
        economy has been their accomplishment.

        But this is
        where the unfairness of public opinion will bite them
        in their backside, and they will do anything to
        forestall the recession until after the November election.
        The strategic petroleum reserve is not large enough
        to make any more than a cosmetic difference around
        the margins, but even if there is an oil driven
        recession, selling from it will give Clinton/Gore talking
        points, while they attempt to blame the high oil prices
        on their opponents.

        So much for the
        definition of "emergency". Can you help me with that "is"
        thing? I never did understand that one.