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  • dhrosier dhrosier Sep 20, 2000 9:14 AM Flag

    Tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

    For Clinton/Gore high oil prices are an
    emergency. They are still feeding on the fantasy that they
    have made a positive contribution to the economy over
    the past 7 years.

    An oil price driven
    recession would bust that bubble in a New York minute, and
    it would be no more their fault than the good
    economy has been their accomplishment.

    But this is
    where the unfairness of public opinion will bite them
    in their backside, and they will do anything to
    forestall the recession until after the November election.
    The strategic petroleum reserve is not large enough
    to make any more than a cosmetic difference around
    the margins, but even if there is an oil driven
    recession, selling from it will give Clinton/Gore talking
    points, while they attempt to blame the high oil prices
    on their opponents.

    So much for the
    definition of "emergency". Can you help me with that "is"
    thing? I never did understand that one.

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    • "is" you lost me. Be glad to help but could not
      find the "is" you were talking about. Went back and
      re-read my message and found a couple of mistakes, I make
      mistakes when I am really ticked off. Can you imagine the
      politicians declaring there will be no farming in the midwest
      or Calif and crying about a food shortage. Most
      Alaskans feel that since the politicans in the lower 48
      want to lock up Alaska to make points with the
      Enviromental voters we hope gas goes to ten dollars a gallon
      in the lower 48. Here gas is $1.56 to $1.65 for