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  • thedrudge thedrudge Dec 7, 2000 10:34 AM Flag

    Surely there is an enterprising lawyer

    somewhere who could figure out 17 ways that the management of this company has screwed the shareholders repeatedly. I'll chip in if anyone knows a really mean and aggressive lawyer.

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    • Just what we need - Lawyers chasing this company.
      I have been involved in 3 class actions suits and I
      ended up with nothing to speak of, enough to buy a
      happy meal at McDonalds, and in one case I ended up in
      worse shape. The company offered to settle but the
      Lawyers said no way and when the smoke had cleared I did
      not get near what the company had offered. In all 3
      cases though the law firms emerged very wealthy. In one
      case the lawfirm got 34 million and my wife got a
      check for 6.85 (Class action against JCP pension fund)
      2nd case lawfirm got over 18 million, I got a check
      for 11 or 12 dollars, the company went out of
      business and I lost a 2,500 investment, lot of money in
      those days and 3rd case the company (a Casino in Vegas)
      made an offer that I thought was acceptable, under the
      circumstances, but lawyers said it was unexceptable. They got 17
      million and I ended up with 7 nights of free rooms, big
      deal. (The Casino had offered us 10 nights of free
      rooms, meals, show tickets and other freebees) Oh I did
      receive a letter from the lawfirm assuring me that they
      had given it their best shot. What ticked me was I
      was never involved in starting any of these class
      actions, my name just showed up on a list and I was
      included. I know of no one that has been involved in a
      class action suit against a company involving stock, in
      any way, that ever got more than enough to buy lunch.
      The fact that you are even suggesting a lawsuit tells
      me you have yet to experience one. The lawyers get
      200 to 400 an hour and you get s---