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  • dhrosier dhrosier Jun 6, 2001 12:53 PM Flag

    Re: bigblue....oh brother.......rowdy

    Si les vieusse pouvoir.

    I am sure there are some problems in the exact spelling and case of the words, but I think the meaning is clear.

    Do not be offended by the rantings of juveniles.

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    • Yes I understood the meaning...
      You should say if I may: "Si les jeunes les vieux pouvaient...".
      This is a good day for HEC investors...and like Metrozz said we have to be careful not to over act. This news is good only if we get the REAL NEWS soon (partner announcement) it could be at the Waco 'gathering'?
      By the way, the price of gas is not really relevant for HEC (way undervalued) and I think the gas price will go back above 6 sooner than you think.