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  • bluesimperials bluesimperials Jul 29, 2011 3:08 PM Flag

    Edmeat - clip of you at

    the last shareholder mtg...

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    • Kudo's that's funny. whats more funny is ed looking for answers when he doesn't own any stock

    • simpleton.

    • "hope this works"

    • sent..please confirm you got it


    • blues dot imperials at yahoo

    • Molonabe:
      I will continue here, but if the attacks start coming, I am going to stop this thread. This is all just my opinion.
      1. I don't see any imminent news. If one had a surgical procedure, biopsy results are normally available within a week. These results were promised 6, 8, 18 months ago?
      2. As previously stated (last weekend's thread), Spiro in Q1 2011 said he was "excited" about results to be reported in ASCO (June2011) conference. This dialogue has disappeared from CYCC conference call replay on their website.
      3. SPA trial will take over 18-24 months to complete. We are now into 2013.
      4. Why did CYCC raise capital last month, and not "down the road"? IMO, their financial team foresaw further price erosion, and took advantage of a then higher PPS. Moreover, previous conference calls said that had enough money to complete SPA, so it appears to me management is giving investors improper guidance.
      5. I look at good technical analysis, and all I see is continued downturn in the PPS. Granted, there may be small bumps up, but until a strong buy signal shows up on the chart, I am not ready to jump aboard. And, as I have said in a previous post, I prefer not divulge my short term price targets on this board, as they have not drawn any constructive debate, just replies like "technical analysis doesn't apply to small cap biotechs, etc".
      6. I see the long's argument too. A strong pipeline. Trials being conducted by MD Anderson, a renowned cancer institution. And I periodically call my oncologist at Dana Farber, and discuss CYCC with him. He is still skeptical on the possibility of success. I know many long's have bought this stock at $1.50, 2, 3 or even $4, and these guys are are just kidding themselves by holding on to hype and hope.
      7. Will CYCC return to glory and reach a PPS of $4 or $5? It will, but not soon. I truly think this is real long term, 2 to 3 years, maybe longer.
      8. And let's face it, we are in touch economic and financial times. Many investors are looking for ways to preserve capital and move to safe investments. And investing in CYCC is Risky Business, so here's another reason I think the PPS is subject to erosion.

    • Ed,
      Why take the conversation offline..This is decent give and take..include all please.

    • Very funny.

      And CONGRATULATIONS to BluesImperial..His first post on this message board was 12/09/09 (CYCC's PPS was $0.85). Looks like he's made a profit holding his CYCC shares.

      • 1 Reply to edthemeatman2000
      • Hey Ed my only intention was soley humor driven, nothing more. Please take it that way. I can understand your frustrations but sit back, take a breath and ask yourself "WHY" no div payout this time around? Is it because all will be made "whole" in the near term??? Your correct- my late 09 buys worked, early/mid 2010 sells did also, my q3/q4's not as well, but my asset equity expanded - so i'm up on their dime. 2011 so far has been bankroll management.

        "Perception" will move this issue in a heartbeat... how violent depends how well Sprio loads the topic and venue for delivery. There aren't many micro bios worth the risk, cycc has potential.

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