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  • mdbob86 mdbob86 Apr 22, 2013 11:09 PM Flag

    Getting a little curious myself

    longer the least likely it'll be good news so disagree would be ignorance. Good news is spoken quickly while bad news is hushed.....Idk i still have faith on prev. data but this is getting werid

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    • More curious as to why the data is taking so long. The late patient enrollment dosent make sense considering the company stated data was due q1. The fact is they would've accounted the two other patients. So in reality which is where I am located p2 Mds data has no excuse of being late so far atleast.

    • The MDS phase 2 news is already a double on median survival. The one year survival number will most likely knock the cover off the ball. Since median survival for the best arm was 10 months, my guess is that CYCC wants to present some exciting OS data instead of a just a two month update. In addition, they may be in discussions with the FDA about that "registration pathway". And longer is better in this case.

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    • Curious........I think you mean nervous as most of the longs on this board are (myself included). Unlike some CEO's, Spiro doesn't keep an open line with the shareholders. I believe they already have the results ,,,,,,,,,the question now is are the results good enough to proceed with a phase 3 trial or not. I know all the previous news indicated that the drug has efficacy but until the results are in and the data is analyzed .....The longs here are very sure that all is well with CYCC but they also thought the company would get a windfall in their patent dispute with CELG if they settled and we all know how that turned out. The market it seems knew ahead of time how that issue would play out.. The longs here are having trouble understanding why the market's valuation of CYCC is only 50-60 million. While I hope I'm 100% wrong.....there's a 50/50 chance that the results won't be as good as one would hope for.....If that's the case....the pps will be cut in half.

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    • Remember it's a survival trial. Two patients were enrolled late. Worst case scenario is that they were enrolled in May of 2012 and we have to wait until then to hit their 1-year mark (which would be good as they're alive).

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