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  • jk4763 jk4763 Oct 20, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Anyone who believes all is well with CYCC after 2 reverse splits

    heavy dilution and a stock price that has fallen from 8.18 to 3.67 this late in the game is ignoring the cold hard facts. I judge a company by its stock price, its market cap, its revenues, its profits, its debt and its pipeline.
    None of the above are impressive (especially stock price and market cap ) I do not knock the company, I tell
    people to be careful out there. look at AMRN. everyone over there kept talking $30 plus , BP partner, buyout
    and now its a $2 stock.. Look at ARIA now a $2 stock with a failed PIII3 drug. Do not be naiive that CYCC is highly speculative bet. All the science presented means nothing if wall street is not buying and drug
    doesn't make it to market. Its a $3 stock for a reason folk. If the street thought it had great potential it would easily be a $10+ stock right now..

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    • You bring out an interest point by looking at matters in an historical perspective with some supporting materials. I believe it would not hurt, and usually beneficial, to ask someone who has experienced the history when it was made. Will you review and comment on the following questions?

      1. How many years have you been on this message board? At least 2 years, if not more, correct?
      2. Do you actually make investment in this stock, either long or short?
      3. If you have investment in this stock, did you make money by long or by short?
      4. Reading some of your older posts, is my impression correct that you believe CYCC share price trend is in a downward spiral?
      5. Quoting your words “I judge a company by its stock price, its market cap, its revenues, its profits, its debt and its pipeline”, are the stock price, market cap the results of its revenues, its profits, its debt and its pipeline? If yes, are the company’s revenues, profits, debt and pipeline the same as it was 1 year ago, 2 years ago? If not, are they getting better, worse or no change?
      6. What was the historically highest short interest percentage wise of the float?
      7. What is the current short interest percentage wise to the historically highest number that you are aware of?
      8. Given the average small daily trade volume, if you make money by short selling, did you really make meaningful sizable profit in a slow downtrend with small volume or huge gap downs with big volume when events were happening?
      9. If Wall Street is not buying CYCC, how do you know they are not shorting this stock?
      10. You mentioned ARIA in the other article a short while ago, did Wall Street buy it? If yes, when and at what prices?
      11. Assuming the company has been following all rules and regulations, in general, if you are long, is it more risky when the share price is relative low?

    • This argument is baseless. So you are saying because other stocks fails then this should fail? I can give a lot of other examples of $2 stock that jumped to $40. I still remember CPHD which was on the $3 range and people like you kept talking about bankruptcy.

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      • Its not an argument. All I am saying is that certain people on this message board believe CYCC is a $30 stock next year. Maybe yes,maybe no. Unless something superb happens within the next year my bet is it still will be a penny stock. If data has been so impressive BP would have teamed up long ago. We shall see. By the way I am NOT short. Just looking for a quick pop to sell some.

    • What a ridiculous argument - for every biotech stock that has traded at lofty heights only to fail later, there are numerous stocks that have been dismissed/ignored by Wall St only to turn into multi-billion $ companies. Assessing a company's potential by it's current stock price or market cap has to be the most superficial means possible. Do you have any insights into the pipeline/science or the particular prospects of Sapacitabine or just meaningless observations about unrelated companies that have crashed and burned?

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