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  • michaelwebbseattle michaelwebbseattle Oct 22, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    A Message To Longs On This Board

    1. Don't talk so much! I know we're passionate about Cyclacel stock. It's got me jumping up and down on the inside too.

    That said, when I'm considering making a product purchase and the salesman keeps yammering away about all the benefits this thing has to offer, I start to pull back thinking: there must be something wrong with this. The expression "quiet confidence" exists for a reason. And we all love that scene in Jerry McQuire where she say's; "You had me at hello" because he didn't have to sell her on a reality she already knew to be true.

    2. Talking about your "aggressive" acquisition of the stock when its price is falling seems a bit at odds with that reality. Now I realize that all terms are relative. For me, 2,000 shares of CYCC would be an aggressive acquisition and that's because I'm investing most all of what I have in putting my three kids through college. My investment account is presently a distant priority.

    Also, bragging about your large positions, or boatloads of shares or whatever, is a turnoff to any prospective investor. How about showing some sensitivity to those who don't have the resources that you do. Like me, there are many who invest only what they can after all the bills are paid. There's no inheritance, or damages received from a lawsuit - just the small portion left over from hours of hard work.

    3. Cyclacel is a good stock right now. Since about a month ago its up 27%. That's a good sign! However, prior to that the stock was Krap as many have indicated. Thousands of retail shareholders lost fortunes on this stock and I share their in their feeling of disappointment. Yes, there's a brazen reality of - that's biotech! but it still smarts quite a bit to be upside down. Recognizing this should keep us humble.

    4. Finally, though I've indicated SEAMLESS has a better chance than most oncology trials, it's still a long shot. Docogen missed in AML and succeeded in MDS. This could be true for sapacitabine as well.


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    • CYCC's pipeline "potential" is incredibly undervalued IMHO....I have been in this stock for 4+ years now and have two accounts holding it......One account is under water still due to reverse split and previous dilutions.....the other, is just barely under water, but holds much more shares and value.......

      I agree with what you have said and WILL NOT post my BUYS anymore, as I still accumulate this stock.....I for one HATE the manipulators of this is sad they can control the average mans investment just cause they have the power/money/computer program to do so........Hence the reason that I try to attack the shorts (not in a educated fashion, as my frustrations usually prevail the calm side of my responses)........

      So, in summary, no more "I bought more" posts from me on this stock.......I have said it once and will say it the last time, I will ride this to zero if need be as I have done my DD over the years and feel good about this investment.....However, nothing is for sure and no-one should put all their eggs in one basket!

      Good luck longs!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Well said!

    • Michael, I agree that people should not discuss their holdings here. It's like telling people how much money you are carrying around in your wallet. I have never once discussed my holdings in detail on this board. As far as my enthusiasm for CYCC, nobody should misconstrue this as advice to bet the farm. It shouldn't even be misconstrued as "advice". I simply like to present factual data which I consider supportive of the bull case. If I didn't, the shorts would run this board and would result in imbalance. Without stating the obvious, people should always evaluate their risk tolerance before making any investment.

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    • winstoncheok Oct 22, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

      Maybe l2l was right. Discussing specific holdings are food to animals. I will just wait in silence for the results to unfold. Glta

    • Mr. Webb I applaud your comments on CYCC and it's future. Your thoughtful comments of investors going over their heads has been the ruin of many a family. L2L is a passionate salesman for CYCC, has done his or her investigative work like few have ever done on a company that still a wonderful dream waiting to happen.
      That said, investors who are limited in resources please do NOT get intoxicated by L2L postings of betting the farm. Always bet with your head, not over it. On the way to a wonderful dream sometimes the dream can bite you in the #$%$.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • winstoncheok Oct 22, 2013 5:58 AM Flag

      MW, you also make me doubt that you are Webbs! And even if you are, you have lost all credibility!

    • winstoncheok Oct 22, 2013 5:55 AM Flag

      MW, I take your comments with a bit of salt! I never had any inheritance and the wealth i have now started from leftover savings after supporting 1 wife and 3 kids. I was lucky to have increased it many folds after many years of investing in shares.

      I stick to my belief and never change. I am surprise at the 180 degrees change of opinion, especially when we are nearing the final lap of cyccs' success.

    • sounds like you are finally coming around to my thoughts on CYCC.. No stock investment is ever a sure thing. Yes, CYCC is a longshot. But certain people on this message board think its a homerun. Maybe and maybe not. Based on management past performance and no interest by BP i give it a 10% chance of

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      • Who are you dunder head to give this investment a 10% chance of success.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Well Jk, you're absolutely wrong and as far from right as one could possibly be. You're just the flip side of the suicidal equation.

        Cyclacel stock will roar to success in Q1 of 2014. It will be the darling of biotech. I was merely asking longs such as myself to be a tad more considerate of goofy positions like yours.

        People in biotech don't invest based on the ultimate success or failure of a trial. They invest on momentum leading up to the various performance markers along the way.

        Longs are going to have the sweetest four months you can possibly have starting in December.

        Always be well...

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