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  • walterp19461950 walterp19461950 Dec 28, 2009 8:57 AM Flag


    they just raised the price target to $15.00, check AOL news

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    • Fools say they buy companies. What a bunch of BS. Maybe 1 in 10 companies you think are good companies end up big winners when holding long term. I don't like those odds. AIG and ENRON were suposedly "good" companies too. Buying charts is THE ONLY way to make money in this game. If you think the stock market is going back to 10 percent gains per year, you are delusional. Look at Japan. The had that mindset too after years of Keynesian economics that has only maintained anemic growth. I used to invest long term, buying companies as if I knew better than the million other "company buyers" out there. That BS is a pure crap shoot. Sure, YONG may end up being a great company, but again, no matter what their model is, your chances are 50-50. Remember PALM? It was supposedly a great company too.

      It never ceases to amaze me after 10 or 15 years of these markets, you still have the Motley Fool believers that will hold long-term even when their money could have been used elsewhere. Yep, TMF held through the latest market debacle too. I know I know, they added during the downturn, right? This type of thinking is long dead.

      Do you really think you know something that insiders don't? Therefore, do you really think that what you know in terms of finding companies is NOT already in the stock price. Best of luck to you...I'll let the chart, NOT some company tell me what to do because the charts don't lie, but people do.

    • I don't buy charts, I buy companies. This one has very solid prospects and a very low valuation. Show me another stock with 50% upside, high growth and a low valuation and I may buy it.

    • Double top....NOVICE asswipe. No volume, no follow-through. Now, you'll have to wait for it to retrace to 7s, and then maybe it bounces again. Once again, hopeless long-term investors hanging onto those 50-50 chances instead of taking their profits and moving onto the many other charts that have a better chance of going higher.

    • Novice investor. New daily high coming any minute here...

    • "If this thing gets back to 8.5, I'll sell again. "

      Nice try, you already sold 7.8 this morning, by all likelihood, hence the bitterness of your tone.

    • "Oh sure, it may go to 15, but there is an equal chance it will stay between 7 and 9 for 6 months or a year. This is why I am moving on."

      Not that I agree with your odds assessment, but if a stock that offers you 50% chance of doubling your money in a year, 50% chance of retaining your money is not good enough for you, you really need to move on, ASAP.

    • They are not baseless at all, and comparing this company to GOOG, which revolutionized an entire industry is even more ridiculous. You may be correct about YONG. I am merely saying that the chances are 50-50. Why play those odds when there are other opportunities. Maybe 1 in 500 stocks have a run like CAGC. Maybe 1 in 50 will double or triple in a year unless we have a market bounce like the one in 09. Thus, when I make 20% on a company in a month or 2, I take my money and go. If this thing gets back to 8.5, I'll sell again.

    • Roth speaks to management and knows more than anyone on this board. Upgrades and coverage after a secondary or IPO is commonplace on Wall St. GOOG got upgraded right after it came public and now it's up like 700%. Your comments are baseless. YONG's got 5x as many shares as CAGC, doubt it gets that type of run, although I've seen it hsppen plenty of time before.

    • Most people on this board sound like those morons who thought the world would end when dow was at 6000 range...just to sit and watch the market bounces back to 10000. (yawn)

    • and you wonder who did YONG's recent secondary. Hmmmm......

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