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  • sl5004fun sl5004fun Apr 2, 2010 1:28 PM Flag

    Heavy speculative manipulation

    Despite the good news in all fronts: (i) good qtr results (ii) recent upward guidelines by the company (iii) positive analyst reports “compelling valuation with price target of $12.50” from Oppenheimer etc (iv) analyst projections forecasting almost tripling branded stores and manufacturing capacity within 12 months (v) allocation for derivative liabilities in ’90 etc etc etc... the share price is not moving up... sadly it is being heavily manipulated... check out the block selling patterns since the qtr results...

    As a Nasdaq listed stock the CEO & CFO should have full and privileged access to the identities of those trading the stock and should be able to figure out what is happening and report any irregularities to the authorities.

    It is the duty of the Officers of the company and the regulative bodies to protect us, the long term committed shareholders of YONG from manipulative fluctuations.

    Waiting for action/clarification ASAP.

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    • I generally do not subscribe to conspiracy theories as some have mentioned lately but is weird the stock today looked ok then suddenly 13k offered at 13.10. any institution who sells stock never shows their order, you can hide by showing smaller quantities out loud

      The sellers cant have endless amts of stock so i think retain patience, this is going to be great stock

    • It is child's play for a private equity fund (or several) to totally control a relatively low float small cap stock like YONG or CGA or CAGC. Happens every day, and with US regulation being what it is, it will never stop. All an average joe investor can do is see what the projected valuation of said company will be a year or two out given all visible data, and then hold onto a position not paying attention to the every day fluctuations in price. People can day trade if they like, but I think people in general do more damage to their portfolios that way than just holding on to those stocks who have high future potential.

    • I also have posted previously asking whether YONG's stock was being manipulated. The obvious pattern was the closing action, where a MM (or 2) would execute an all-or-nothing transaction involving a large block of shares, simultaneously on the buy and the sell side, and right at the closing bell. This way no one can else can be involved in the transaction but themselves and they basically dictated the closing price to make sure it closed on the down side. It's prefectly legal and can be done by anyone as long as you have a lot of money and a lot of shares. I don't think there is anything that one can do about it.

      Interesting side bar: that kind of large all-or-nothing block sale at closing showed up on the CAGC side on Thursday. The MMs are driving CAGC down. No surprise there.

    • Sorry, but YONG is just a little fish in a big pond.

      YONG is but one of countless small cap China stocks being manipulated.

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      • Don't try to fight the MM. Spot the trend and try to use it to yuor advantage. If you see a great company that is worth far more than the current PPS due to manipulation, either stock up now for the long run . . . or try to buy and sell with the trend.

        I'd be buying on the dips as that will yeild the largest returns once the stock is left the will of the market.

        But then again I'm talking out my a$$ and have no idea what this stock will do on any given day.

    • Looks like they close the gap, pre-news high and today's low within 1 cent, maybe they are satisified now? This is one of those frustrating stocks

      1-Apr-10 8.19 8.50 7.88 8.02 637,000 8.02 <-------low 7.88
      31-Mar-10 8.18 8.27 8.01 8.08 263,300 8.08
      30-Mar-10 8.41 8.60 8.15 8.19 437,300 8.19
      29-Mar-10 8.20 8.48 8.10 8.39 1,446,400 8.39 <-------guidance news
      26-Mar-10 7.75 7.89 7.68 7.71 203,100 7.71 <-------high 7.89

    • You could easily communicate with management regarding the manipulation. Larry and Sam understand English well and would respond to your e-mail. Go for it.