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  • bimmybeoris bimmybeoris Oct 11, 2010 11:32 PM Flag

    Earnings announcement Wednesday !!


    estimate is $0.36 a share for the Q ended 9.30. Word on the Street is that they will post $0.45. That will cause many existing shorts to run for cover. Forward PE estimate of 5:1 will be revised to 3:1. This is a $20 stock my friends.

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    • I didn't think that anybody was buying red bull for the taste - I didn't think that was the sales pitch, did I miss something?

    • lol.........

      I thoroughly enjoy your posts though.......

    • OK, OK - The short sellers and the longs both think I'm the gullible one now. And all this time I thought I was the skeptic!

    • Wow, I guess the CFO of China Marine Food completely misrepresented the drink then. He claimed it was tasteless and odorless.
      Thanks for the advice, but no offense, I wasn't looking for any.
      I am not short CMFO. Short selling these companies would be easy if they didn't charge interest to borrow the shares.

    • Thank you for your positive attitude. For me, it is not a matter of belief, what they are saying is just could not possibly occur in this world, anymore than I could run the marathon in under 1 hour tommorrow (the world record is over 2 hours). If you choose to believe them, best of luck to you. By the way, you should read you own posts but pretend you don't know anything about it, you would see that it comes across that you don't really seem to believe them either. One last note, a little bizarre that they would be repurposing part of the plant that makes annimal products, it had only 1k tpa by the ay, to make the animal product, but then building a facility for 10,000 tpa of animal product. You can't just repurpose the manufacturing by magic, it would take time and money and would be something important to mention in your financial reports and show up in the numbers somehow.

    • Well, I guess that's what it comes down to. I believe it is possible that they repurposed some of the capacity from Animal product (which is now selling almost nothing) to plant product and you think they are making it up. That's fair. I've seen all 3 plants in person, but I can't look at it and tell you if it makes 10k or 15k tons. It could be a freaking brewery for all I know.

      On your other point you mentioned that the new plant was in the future, but that is no longer in the future. It is up and running. The part of that plant that will make humic acid from lignite coal is unfinished, but they are a ways away from needing it. They still purchase humic acid from suppliers.

      So you don't believe them, and sometimes I do believe them. My issues with this company are completely different than yours.

      Good luck, and thanks for the valuable debate.

    • trust me, if you prove me wrong, I will be happy to admit it. I was long ONP and admit that I was wrong and did a terrible job with my due diligence. In fact, I was long NEP last year, made a 130% profit but am I happy about it - no! Why not? I believe I was a lucky fool and the company is a fraud. Long term success in investing will not be built on making mistakes but getting lucky with the results.

    • I did not place him on ignore because I believed him to be lacking in intelligence. I placed him on ignore because I believe he has an agenda, and that is to pull a 'razzle dazzle' for the purpose of scaring longs into selling their shares because he/she is short this stock.

      If you want to engage him/her in what I perceive to be a senseless diatribe, be my guest.

    • wow, that is the beauty of these small cap frauds - just put something in a press release and people believe it. they didn't file that press release with the SEC and there is no mention of the information that you cite in their quarterly report. They don't report it at all. Exactly when did this capacity increase first materialize? They say recently, was it on Juen 30, 2010? How exactly did they streamline production to increase capacity? What specifically did they do? What equipment did they buy to upgrade their manufacturing equipment, how much did it cost and how does it increase production? Where is the report of these purchases in the financial reports?
      In a fantasy world, you can simply make things up. In the real world, it actually has to happen to be true - so there would be details and facts supporting these conclusions. I mean that is a 50% increase on capacity that they are claiming on 10,000 tpa capactiy. They claim 2000 tpa capacity for a long time without any improvements or suggestions that it was possible to improve capacity with that equipment. The remaining 8,000 tpa is supposedly a new production facility that they reported before had only 8,000 tpa and reported after starting that it had 8,000 tpa, without any hint or reference to any ability that capacity could be increased. It appears to me that they wanted to report incredibly growth, so they magically claimed a 50% increase in capacity in a press release, without any reference to it in their actual quarterly report filed with the SEC. Are you getting the picture or can they just make it up and you will believe it?

    • I am with Global in this one. It is always good hear the reasoning.

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