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  • sdferrell sdferrell Oct 19, 2010 7:45 AM Flag

    MF global gains

    Most of the subscription services are LTBH oriented, but if you are options savvy, you can certainly take their recs and apply whatever options strategy you like instead. And, they have a specific subscription dedicated solely to options. I probably wouldn't characterize this service as "trader" oriented, though. While they present all options strategies, The focus seems to be using options to round out your portfolio. So, if they were recommending YONG, they suggest a valuation estimate and recommend selling puts to get a better price or if they felt it was going to take off, they might recommend a bull call spread. If the rec was something of a slow grower, they might set up a repeatable diagonal. So, recommended companies and recommended strategies to go with them.

    The site discussion boards are available to the public, but each service has its own set of boards, as well. Generally speaking, the level of discussion is worth almost as much as the service itself. In comparison, while there is often reasonable info on the Yahoo boards, you usually have to wade through a lot of drivel to get there.

    You will find some traders on the discussion boards although I wouldn't say there is a large trader community. But, there is debate about how to best to play a given rec. And there are boards for sharing and discussing your own ideas that aren't part of the official recs.

    Of course, as one of the other posts indicated, you can cancel if it doesn't meet your expectations.