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  • levodesnopravo levodesnopravo Oct 20, 2010 5:37 PM Flag

    re: seesaw and his ilk

    This is my first reference to seesaw...and likely my last (never say never). Personally, I find some of your posts instructive as it relates to sharpening my own pencil in scrutinizing YONG. That said, you are overtly disingenuous and your agenda completely transparent. It's not the veracity of the questions you raise, they are usually quite logical and even astute. It's your typically dismissive response whenever your questions (quasi assertions really) are answered with facts and/or thoughtful rationale that gives you away.

    Frankly, it's all rather amusing, to a point, and I for one cannot imagine that your guerrilla campaign of planting doubt and fear actually impacts anyone but the most naive person into helping you achieve your not so subtle aims (nobody continually flames a stock out of altruism or a desire to safeguard their fellow investors, at least not to the extent you do, without prospect for financial gain).

    In any case, I hope you carry on with your righteous campaign as the unofficial whistleblower, protecting us pitiful lemming investors from all the evil Chinese companies fleecing us from our hard-earned investment dollars. It must be a thankless job and yet you persist in the face of constant rebuke. Kudos for having the constitution to stand tall and adhere to your convictions.

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    • I see that you have not a single fact or evidence to dispute the article. You certainly shouldn't be commenting on the writing - I have read yours. You shouldn't be commenting on the stock market until you learn something about it.
      Go buy some shemingsu for 1 rmb and make 10 rmb back for a 1000% gain - that should make you feel better. hahahaha! maybe spray some shemingsu on the peppers in your garden and get some frankenstein peppers - I am sure they are real edible. I mean, really, how silly is is YONG story?

    • Ah, I just saw you guys have cornered the blogger and this seesaw character, probably the same poorly educated soul, with some informative references.

      That blog on was so poorly written, with such extraordinary ignorance in the subject matter, in the stock markets, and in the human aspects of the success stories in building up a big business, that I believe the blogger has to be a complete newbie type. That was a disgrace to and they really should ban the blogger and expose his/her true identity so he/she would never be hired by any firm.

      What a waste of time in dealing with the miserable character. And this episode suggests to me that those shorts in YONG were seriously lazy and extremely uninformed before they started to build up such a big short position.

      YONG is now a screaming buy towards yearend. We shall see a breakout soon.

    • Author is Tim Clissold. I'm sure it's cheap used because it's not a new book. It's widely recommended.

      It's definitely not one of the "coming dominance of china and how you can grow fabulously wealthy as a westerner from it" types of books

    • Thanks, Global, I don't have that one, but some others like:

      China Shakes the World: A Titan's Rise and Troubled Future... by James Kynge
      China: The Balance Sheet: What the World Needs to Know About the Emerging Superpower by Fred Bergsten

      both interesting. Maybe I should get Mr. China also.

    • I can't see Seesaw's posts, but Ed's post truly points out the problem with all of this discussion...

      Not enough talk about alcohol and drinking!!! Where have all the good posts gone?

      If YONG doesn't go up after earnings, I'm switching to Black Box wine!

    • I will check it out. Who is the author?

    • globalfinancepartners globalfinancepartners Oct 21, 2010 12:46 PM Flag

      If any of y'all haven't read the book "Mr. China" - it's a classic. Highly recommended.

    • How is yours working out for you?

    • SeeSaw,
      Your interpretation of California ban is a bit skewed if it based on something like this

      "Because of the lack of industry standardized quantitative analysis, different states have different registration requirements. As example, neither Oregon nor California recognize fulvic acid as its own substance and instead refer to all of these substances under the humic acid umbrella".

      Quote from here:

      Humic acid (and fulvic acid) "is not a single acid, rather, it is a complex mixture of many different acids containing carboxyl and phenolate groups so that the mixture behaves functionally as a dibasic acid or, occasionally, as a tribasic acid". Name fulvic acid is commonly reserved for components having the smallest molecular size. However, as long as there is not industry wide standard on what constitutes fulvic acid i.e what that molecular size or weight limit should be California will keep it's current regulation. This is a question of name standardization, that's all. Period.

      Quoted part from here:

      Some scientific light on to this problem:

      When it comes to word bio-stimulant I support any effort to ban it from advertising altogether as all too vague in meaning. I can correctly call Ex-Lax a bio-stimulant, I can call Viagra bio-stimulant, If I apply super glue on my skin I bet you that skin reacts to that glue like it would have been stimulated some way: bio - stimulant. If I ingest horse manure the effects very likely will be something that can be called bio-stimulating. I don't like the term.

    • Seasaw, with all due respect , i think you need to see a psychologist before going into depression, as it is mild right now you can get help ... and i am very serious about it my friend
      Take my advice and do yourself a favor


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