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  • pudslap05 pudslap05 Nov 23, 2010 12:56 PM Flag

    A Lesson from RINO - GREAT Article

    This makes some really timely points about how to react to Chinese fraud when found in your portfolio.

    Nothing to do with YONG obviously just fodder for our ongoing conversations of Chinese impropriety. Thought you guys might enjoy and maybe even save you a few dollars down the line...

    If it doesn't work go to NEP on yahoo finance and it's the near the top of the headlines section.

    Good luck guys. C'MON YONG STEP IT UP!!!!!!


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    • Thanks for posting that article. Great read!!

      BTW, I'm posting this excerpt from that article for all here to see. Does this remind you folks of anyone???? Thanks again, pudslap, for the post:

      "On virtually every stock investor board, there are numerous unfounded postings about fraud put up by people trying to cheapen the share price so they can buy in. I see these all the time and don't take them even slightly seriously. The report by Muddy Waters obviously took months to prepare, was very coherent and was 30 pages long and widely disseminated. This is substantially different than a simple baseless fraud claim on an investor chat room.

      So to repeat, be very afraid of the professional organized short attack but ignore the random "F" word that is often bandied about in chat rooms. Any serious short seller isn't going to rely on Yahoo! Finance to get his message across."