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  • Edmundoluk Edmundoluk Nov 24, 2010 1:23 PM Flag

    Not OT: GMCR... read on

    Has anyone been watching Green Mountain Coffee Roaster recently? They received an inquiry from SEC about accounting stuff. Big red flag! While they pored over their own books and the stock sank, I kept thinking I should short them because it looked more and more like there was some truth behind the accounting issue, and given that the stock has risen so far so fast - unrelentingly so, in fact, for the past two years - I thought it was time for it to get its legs chopped off. Well, they did have a real issue. They came out Monday and restated earnings DOWN for the past three years. I saw the news and got ready to kick myself for NOT having shorted it.

    So the stock sank like a rock, right? It would have, if it were a Chinese small cap, I guess. Green Mountain's stock immediately rebounded something like 20% on that day. The stock is only less than 10% from its historic high.

    Lord, on this Thanksgiving Eve I want to thank you for NOT inspiring me to short GMCR. Still, may I ask, where is justice for Chinese small caps?

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    • Have a great Turkey day y'all!

    • Hey, Ed, have you ever tasted Green Mountain Coffee? It's really good! I'm a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee person- -watch, some idiot will make the cop/doughnut -myself. However, I was first introduced to Green Mountain Coffee over my son's house and found it to be really good.

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      • "watch, some idiot will make the cop/doughnut"

        And we all know who that is. I'm glad that the said person seems to be no longer around.

        I am not a big coffee person so I can't claim the same dsicerning taste like I do wine and spirit. I stock four kinds of coffee - three from Trader Joe's for casual drinking, and Cafe Du Monde when I need something strong. I have heard a lot of people raving about Green Mountain, but have never tried it.

        Likewise, I have also heard a lot of people rave about the stock, for two years now. I don't regret not having tried the coffee, but I certainly regret not having bought the stock lol! That, and Netflix. Why didn't I listen more carefully to Tom Gardner???