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  • nypd2726 nypd2726 Mar 3, 2011 3:01 PM Flag

    CCME - ot

    After I click on 'Post Message', I will add you to my 'ignore' list. You truly are the consummate- -there are so many things I can say.......

    "Those big traders who took the stock to over $22 were completely destroyed. And you really think they would still be in the mood for another stay in the slaughterhouse?"

    It makes you happy to see traders, as you say, "completely destroyed"?

    "eric, do you have any idea who you asked the question?

    If you don't know who that person really is and his background, you're definitely a lost soul on this and your investment decision."

    Just one example of how condescending you are.

    "P-, let's not get into a "competition" of some sort on this....."

    Just one example of how desperate your need is to be the 'Pied Piper' of the Yahoo YONG message board.

    For the longest time, I've sat back and read your 'I this and I that posts. Oh, and who can forget about your almost daily China history and stock market tutorials?

    I'm sure you won't mind me putting you on 'ignore'. I believe you've posted in the past that you have no problem with posters doing that to you. So I'm sure your feelings won't be all that damaged knowing that I'm trashing you.

    One bit of advice before I make you history: Try keeping your head as far away from needles as possible. After all, it is filled with helium (your head, that is). I mean, should you accidentally puncture it, you'll end up looking just like 'BEETLE JUICE'.......