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  • philblake39 philblake39 Mar 23, 2011 7:26 PM Flag

    Lawsuit against libel?

    Just a few points.

    It is not libel to state an "opinion"

    No company should have to disclose its customers in filings. Cust A,B,C. is fine. Let the competitors do thier own %^&* market research. Imagine if Proctor and Gamble had to disclose all customers.

    The first rule of investing if "Know thy risk tolerance"

    Shorts will always say BOO!!!! Buy more if you believe in the story or piggy back on their BS with put spreads.

    The real issue is not slick, smart writers with a hidden agenda freaking out investors who are in too deep and weather or not its libel, the issue is the uptick rule which got the ax in the W administration. after years and years of use.

    And yes I realize that I am arguing both sides here.

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