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  • yo_roe yo_roe Mar 29, 2011 5:40 AM Flag

    I received an anonymous email from Yong's shorts!

    kenwu, nikita, would you mind pasting the contents of the email here? Appreciate it, thanks.


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    • Sure andy .. here it is :

      By reading yahoo board, I knew you had significant amount of money invested in YONG.

      I tried to put a message to seek you online, but no result. I try this email address, if you receive it, reply back, otherwise I still need to contact with you.

      YONG's situation is worsening, all of the cash is gone to the YONGYE group. Sales were overinflated by 400-500% because all of the province distributors are YONGYE Group's entities. There is no earning left for YONG.

      In two to three weeks, YONG's stock will collapse to less than 1 or delist altogether. Management stole all of the shareholders' money to build YONGYE group.


    • Andy: here it is. I tried to post it earlier but yahoo wouldn't post it. don't know why:

      ----- Forwarded Message ----
      From: zhouzi111 fang <>
      Sent: Mon, March 28, 2011 7:23:20 PM
      Subject: yong

      seems you are the only Chinese own YONG now, see the following, you should be able to do DD.

      First, YONG is making up its numbers, because all of the so-called provincial distributors are YONGYE Group companies. YONG denied to give out the names, that is the reaon why.

      If you can find anyone knows Chinese, ask them read the linked files to you, explain to you
      The above is YONG's Shandong province distributor, it turns out as YONGYE Group's company. If your friend knows Chinese, ask him/her type in 永业集团xx(xx means province name) in GOOG, then you will find all of the provincial distributors, all YONGYE Group's company, all related parties. But CFO said not, go figure.

      YONG spent 30 million $ on Hebei distributor, turns out it is YONGYE Group, also, it is in charge of Shanxi province (it is also Shanxi's province distributor)
      Moreover, because all of the provincial distributors are related parties, YONG's revenue is greatly inflated. YONG's real revenue is about 30-40 million $, instead of over 200 million $ reported. Company is losing money, plant is idle, workers were let go. However, everything according to CFO is fine, and from last CC, listen carefully, they want to raise money again (steal money from US investors again).
      YONG's IPO money is gone, all goes to YONGYE Group.
      In some time next week, a full report will be out, that is the end of YONG's cheating story.

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      • Looks like one more final push is in store (Ian, have you already begun writing?) for YONG. Hopefully YONG IR will have a prompt and fulfilling response whenever Ian posts his opinions.

        Anybody thinking of buying in may want to consider waiting a week or two until after this (presumably) final attack.

      • Longs, please check the link to Shandong hiring (first one). It was mysterisouly deleted by someone. Why someone is afraid of this? We will see facts soon.

        I think many longs saw that before, Niki, ED you should know the contents.

      • I actually had a chat with him .. on yahoomessenger, this guys post was the first and last with handle of sameuncle on the board and was trying to convince me that chinese people can read that and that is why there is no chinese on this board anymore SO i had Ed take a look at it (chat with him too !!!!) and based on what i understood there is nothing really on those links that this guy had send me.
        he again send me a few more Emails ... ...

        To be continued .... LOL