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  • nypd2726 nypd2726 Apr 6, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    History of Wu Zishen and YONG (Wing Yip)

    "You remind of those on the FEED message board, such as nypd, who so confidently predicted the demise of the shorts........"

    Unfortunately, 'Mr. Retard's' memory is apparently as bad as his ability to recognize a good trade.

    That said, let me remind him of my past history with FEED......

    I found out about FEED through an unnamed poster. At the time, it was 'the new darling' and was almost daily on the upsurge. I took a few swing positions in this stock and made out, but certainly not enough to brag about. At the time, 'Mr. Retard' was constantly bashing FEED, predicting it's demise and comparing it to a little known stock known as CGA. At the time, CGA had announced an offering and 'Mr. Retard' predicted that CGA would crumble because of that, adding that FEED would similarly fall because/if/when they announced an offering.

    Bottom line? I checked out CGA and gambled by taking a large position in it. I made out huge. As a result, I posted on several occasions to 'Mr. Retard' (on the FEED board) my gratitude for him turning me on to CGA. Thanks to him, I made truly easy money via CGA in a relatively short period of time. And, as I believe he made mention, I was pretty nasty to him. I apologize for that (hee, hee). BTW, after switching over to CGA, I never took a position in FEED again. Oh, and I walked away from FEED a winner. I also eventually walked away from CGA a huge winner.

    One more thing, if it wasn't for all this above, I never would have found out about YONG which, as most of you know, I also made out huge with. So I guess I'll have to thank 'Mr. Retard again. :-)

    If anyone wants to waste their time to see who's telling the truth, feel free to go back a couple of years in time on the FEED board to see my posts to 'Mr. Retard'. The record speaks for itself.

    Nuff said.

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