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  • tajctda tajctda Apr 8, 2011 4:00 PM Flag

    I can't believe how foolish some of you are

    This is a fraud like most of the chinese reverse mergers. This stock will be halted in the near future and you will be left holding the bag. If you can't read the writing on the wall then you are a foolish investor. Sure, just ignore all the red flags. Those people must have an agenda. I guess smart investors look smarter when they can sell shares of stuff like YONG to people like you. $4.87/share is going to look like a great sell price when it is halted. I give it one month most before halt when all of a sudden the company finds "irregularities" and the CFO is no longer in China.

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    • "can't read the writing on the wall...all the red flags"...

      Exactly, what factural writings are on what wall? Ditto re: red flags?

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      • Here are two simple red flags for you:

        1) this is a Chinese RTO. If you think that isn't a red flag, good luck to you. Most stocks that get halted for irregularites are Chinese RTO's. There is a good reason why. No due diligence to go public.

        2) the company won't even show where their products are sold. This is not nuclear security, it is fertilizer. Real company's don't hide where their product is sold, they advertise it. Frauds hide it because they don't want it validated. Of course, they all claim "competitive reasons".

        These are two simple red flags that should stop people in their tracks from investing in YONG. But keep rationalizing the simple reasons away and the complex stuff won't matter either. I have no position, because can't borrow shares. Nevertheless, this is a fruad to some large degree.

    • here is something you longs should do. Look at any of the other chinese reverse mergers that were halted. read the yahoo message boards before the halt. They are exactly like YONG's message board now with a huge group of people denying the obvious. It really is amazing. This stock will go the same way.

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