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  • puregamble5 puregamble5 Apr 12, 2011 11:49 AM Flag

    Company should invite the analyst

    YONG management must invite these analysts or other people who post these allegations to their main office and show all that they need to see and clear all doubts.

    Too many Chinese companies are fraud so it is natural to doubt all until satisfied.

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    • Get real....

    • I understand that people are nervous with the current issues with so many chinese Companies but I do not recall one single report where people have maintained that YONG is a fraud, the seeking Alpha writer who was questioning YONG's numbers came back with another article after having talked to the YONG CFO saying that the numbers were certainly not fraud, he questioned the Business success going forward of their product but not their numbers. This is a lot different than accusations made about other companies. I think that the short sellers have little argument for their trades unless they too question the success of the YONG products and have some good scientific information that the product is not delivering on expectations but they also take a lot of risk because if they are wrong, they will lose their shirt. Based on Q1 sales numbers which indicate that YONG is doing a lot better than the market expected, I prefer to be long than to be one of the short investors as if these numbers continue to deliver on expectation in Q2 they will all run out to the exit at the same time and it could even inflate the stock price way above it should have been, if over 6.5m shares have to be bought to cover these shorts or 17% of the total float, it will be pretty uggly for them.

    • You mean FREE trip? you pay them?

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      • Not a good idea to invite any analyst under the current circumstance, b/c those analysts are mostly self-serving. God knows what they would say after taking a free trip to the company. If they would like to go to the company voluntarily, the company would welcome them in open arms, and that is the standard policy.

        You definitely don't want to suck up to any analyst, and the result may be harmful rather than helpful.

        The management should focus on its business executions, and establish some big partnerships to increase sales. For instances, get to those international sales/exporters and see if they could start to develop a market internationally.