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  • terrie000 terrie000 Apr 18, 2011 4:53 PM Flag

    9.87% What happened!???

    I hate this stock... when I buy, it goes down. When I sell, it goes up. Uh huh... now let's watch it hit $9 high again... but the moment I decided to buy, it goes back down 10%!

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    • is incredibly difficult...especially when you are down as much as I am right now. I just have to keep analyzing the stock over and over. Why did I buy it in the first place? I bought because management has never failed to deliver on their projections. At the time I first bought, the company was growing over 100% per year and they said they weould do it. Now, they're saying they will grow 50% per year and they are doing it. The SP does not reflect this growth, especially now that YONG is generating free cash flow and further dilution looks very unlikely. Their margins have held up well, and the new mine should assist in either improving their margins, or allowing themt to keep their margins while lowering product cost to customer...the former prefered obviously. This company is rocking it...and the only thing holding it back is fear that every company in China is a fraud!!! What other company has the full backing of the Chinese government like YONG does? Do you really think YONG management wants to defraud the Chinese government? I don't think so. This company will eventually reach the valuation levels for which I first bought. This HUGE dip has given people a buying opportunity of a lifetime. If I had more money, I'd be loading up on anything below $7 per share.

    • Thats what ussually happens when you sell if it goes down and buy when it goes up. Try to do the oposite and youll do better.

    • ok, I'm middle-new at studying the market, step up and correct my thinking, but don't f with me either... Isn't one strong reason that it rose so high today, against the huge tide, was because it was specific to this stock to solve a pending trading problem for the broker/lenders of the stock? An almost-perfect storm/wind of change. First, there was the trading houses and the SEC's rapid margin reserve to 100% to put brakes on wild speculation...then options expirations pressure with the quick-quick rise very late friday b-4 close...and then, over the weekend the NASDAQ put it on the SHO list and all the lenders of this stock have to buy back to cover within 13 days of this getting on this pending-threshold list or else big trouble? I first read aboutpart of this from another poster on this board over the weekend and went where he pointed...

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      • This is why I was recommending longs who have a margin account to put a sell order at a high price on their shares, when you do so your broker cannot lend your shares anymore to short sellers making it harder for them to maintain their short positions without creating an issue that can trigger the move of the shares to the SHO list and a whole set of new issues for the short sellers.... I agree that some of the action today could have been triggered by this, we will see what the trading volume will be tomorrow

    • buy rumor and sell by news...
      nobody know why yong going up.that why stock will pop up more.

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      • Surely there will soon be spouted from the bowels of young master Ian Bezek or some other whiz at Seeking Alpha a question of doubt that will frighten the mental poop from those holders of Yong stock who trust snot the high mountain of positives for the very best #1 agriculture fertilizer stock on this planet.

        After all, if it be too good, it shirley must be too good to be true.

        We got two straight good days with +3.5% & +10%. Gotta get 3 or 4 next days, and...if we get $6.00 by 4:00 Friday...Whoopie!

        I keep asking, if you owned no Chinese Ag (1.3 billion gotta eat), which would you buy?

    • Any chance you would be willing to let me know what days you are doing what? <wink>

      * Strong No Idea what the hell this stock is going to do.

    • The question is not why a 9.78% gain on a bad day. The question is why the 30% drop over the last few weeks on nothing but rumors and innuendos.

      The fundamentals are very very strong. Either this compnay is a fraud, which I give a 10% chance, or this company is extremely undervalued, which I give a 90% chance.

      Fraud Value: $0.00 at 10% chance = $0.00
      No Fraud Value: $15 at 90% chance = $13.50

      Current Target Stock Price: Add the two together and you get $13.50.

    • Terrie,
      LMAO You are funny ...

      Don't worry it won't last long .. just give it a few days ...


    • because when it starts to go up, people get greedy to chase the stock and buy at high, then when it goes down, people get scared and sell off. the only winner is the long term investors who can hold good companies such as YONG regardless of short term up and down.