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  • neharpoonist neharpoonist Jun 10, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Price Action Disapointing

    I am long Yong. Based on its fundamentals and growth,if this company is not a fraud, it is clearly undervalued.

    I expected the recent analyst event combined with the Morgan Stanley investment to put the fraud worries to rest and as a result I would expect this stock to be trading back up at $6.50 at least. We were there just 2 months ago before all these fraud attacks started.

    Instead, we are left to "Celebrate" today's 14% gain that leaves us 26% down from where we were back in March. -- No reason to celebrate yet.

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    • Thu & Fri the WSJ had articles about Chinese small-caps.

      Fact is, short traders and dubious analysts, even one based in China, keep pounding the good ones with the bad ones.

      No one...NO ONE...has proven anything negative about YONG. 2nd Qtr earnings in early August will be outstanding, as usual. Bashers will keep bashing YONG, as usual; and, stock price will be low, as usual.

      Eventually, YONG will break the $1 billion level and sunshine will be upon it. Keep your share, try to forget about them, and in year or so, price will be in $20 range, where it ought be now.

      DON'T let evil profiteers scare you. YONG is #1 Chinese AG fertilizer; and no basher has yet to name one better. NONE. What does that tell us? YONG is #1.

    • I too initiated a position at a higher share price and even with averaging down we are still a ways away from where my average sp is.The last year has been tough on YONG investors as shorts have controlled its price with their fraud and manipulation,while those who's job it is to protect us have looked the other way.You have to wonder why.Also keep in mind that traders will take profits and keep a lid on any rapid sp appreciation.With all that said, it is a relief to see the right things happening now.Fellow longs need to not bash one another.That just plays into the shorts game.

    • Well I for one was happy to buy more today relatively cheaply. As long as MS did the good DD this will be a big hit. I decided to sell all my other chinese stocks and just ride this baby.

    • If you're long based on fundamentals, why do you give a crap about the price at this time? You're whining sounds more like a retarded market-timing long or a short trying to talk himself out of covering. If you believe in the fundamentals, why are you crying about the price being to low and not buy?

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      • You do realize that some people are long having bought in the 7s and 8s and then bought short term options (September) when it dropped under $4? I am in that situation. I would have liked to be over $6 to unload these options for a 300% gain which would have made me be in the black. I too was disappointed for I thought there would be a short squeeze. I was too slow in not being able to unload these options when the Morgan Stanley investment was announced last week. I think the shorts are still firmly in control.

        So, yes I do care about the timing because of the options. The stock I am going to hold for a while.

      • I definitely see your point about it still being VERY undervalued. It is nice that it is up today, but YONG has had a history of announcing GREAT things when overall market conditions are pathetic and then the stock doesn't receive the bounce that the news should have created.

        As others have said...if you are truly LONG YONG, all of this will be a blur before long and you'll be loving the $15 SP. It is a shame the stock is sitting where it is at, but the shorts who manipulate this thing so heavily will soon move to greener pasteurs (or lose lots of money).


      • No need for the hostility and ugliness.
        Not whining - just making a point.

        If Yong was artificially depressed based on fraud fears. And if the probability of fraud was reduced. I would expect it to trade at a price commensurate with its fundamentals and growth prospects.

        In my mind we have not seen this happen yet. That is it. I plan to hold as long as I believe it is undervalued, which I do, and as long as I don't see better alternatives for my money.

        Chill out.

    • I hear ya. I would like $6 because YONG rose up to $6 when the 50mil investment was announced, but then loss over 30% ever since the annoucement. However, you should be more patient. It took a week or so for the 30% drop, so I would predict you will see $6 again by the end of next week. Plus, there's a very good chance that some good news regarding to the investor/analyst event would come out on Monday morning. You might as well buy more now and you'll have even more fun "celebrating" next week!

    • "Instead, we are left to "Celebrate" today's 14% gain that leaves us 26% down from where we were back in March. -- No reason to celebrate yet."

      So on a day when the DOW is down 137, the NAS is down 31, and the S&P is down 15, you're complaining that we're only up 14%????

      Think about it..........

    • I'm not sure the point of your post unless you are a short in disguise? The markets are way down today and Yong is up 14% and you're crying becuase its not at 6.50. That definitely reeks of a short in lamb's clothing.

      And if you're looking to make a quick profit in one day then you're in the wrong stock. This stock is going to take time. But managment is on the right track. Sooner or later the stock price will catch up. Q2 Earnings are going to be outstanding.

      If you are truly long then i apologize....come back in a 6 months and you'll be wishing you bought more at these prices (if your long) or you'll wish you covered your position (if your short). Either way, sit back and relax.

    • can' you wait till monday?