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  • michlobbaby michlobbaby Apr 15, 2012 11:51 PM Flag

    The truth about evil and what to do about it

    I have previously posted a message detailing how one goes about identifying evil on this message board. Apparently, that message was not enough to stem the excessant posts that many well intentioned folks are are making in an effort to fight, and counter that evil. Trying to use logic, reason, facts and substance to fight this the evil scourge is futile. Further, this futile effort only makes the evil bolder and stronger. The evil rascals, like zoo animals, need the unwhitting innocents among us to feed them with their responses. If you are caught feeding the animals in a zoo, you are either fined or expelled…. no matter how good your intentions are. On this board, if you feed the evil with your responses, you, similarly, ought to be put on IGNORE.

    Now having read over the message board these past few days, I have identified the following participants of “feeding the evil” and have therefore put them, for the time being, on ignore:

    sohu812, douchebag1234565, doneatforty, chickenhatsdotcom, zap_77777, accursed40, jackofall2013, truth8360

    Many of the above, are probably well intentioned.. But they, without question in my mind, feed that evil and keep its fire going. By putting them on IRNORE and others like them, we can isolate the evil, forcing the evil to respond to itself only in “cyber IGNORE space.” That way the evil can only be successful in drawing attention to itself and to its conspiratorial cronies.

    So if you have done the DD and value your investment, feed NOT the evil … learn not to feed the animals.

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    • I could not have said it better.Evil will destroy itself eventually.

    • Unfortunately, once you put some of the animal feeders on IGNORE, the job will not be done. So it is imperative, as new animal feeders appear, they too must be put on the IGNORE list as well. In that spirit, I have just just placed


      on my IGNORE list. I am sure he meant well. Let him argue with evil in Cyber IGNORE Space.

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      • Two more habitual animal feeders succeed in being placed onto my IGNORE List:

        jonathansmith56606 and nypd2726

        May you enjoy yourselves in Cyber IGNORE Space:)

      • Richard,

        Now you've topped yourself. Taking on a new identity and pretending to be long, then arguing that any true long should ignore those refuting your claims. It's brilliant. I give you a lot of credit, historically this approach has been tried many times and failed each and every time. How did it work out with that Hitler guy...oh yeah, the US ignored him into WWII. How about 9/11....the first three planes had passengers that sat idly by until they couldn't act anymore.

        I've read this board for 3 years. I've contributed sporadically. What have you done Michobbaby...other than protect Richard.

    • amirstern Apr 16, 2012 2:14 AM Flag

      My best bet is that YONG will prove itself to be a legitimate and a long term growth company.

      I know I might be mistaken. I feel that each year that brings another filed 10-K the chances I'm wrong are falling.

      Yet, those that bet YONG is a fraud are legitimate and they sure have more than smoke to found their belief upon. And they sure are allowed to play a tough Short game and best advocate their case and trading interest here!

      So no need to discredit anyone who plays here his short hand.

      May the long one win..!

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      • I totally agree except when accusation of fraud are made and are made with what seems to be old and discredited arguments then I believe the argument of fraud becomes almost a fraud in itself. If an individual argues about the companies value and the business model and can actually prove the intent to fraud beyond a reasonable doubt then all that does allow for some type of legal action to be pursued and the fraud then proven. None of this has occurred with this stock or company and what we have is allegations without reasonable doubt thus the question hear in lies with the accuser is he or she have intention to pursue actual legal action against YONGE or is the intent to make money on false allegations. From where I sit I do not see any reasonable doubt to bring action against YONGE at this time but the question of intent to defraud is appearing more and more to be on the side of the accuser. So at this point I agree with you and feel fraud on YONGES part is lessening with every 10k filed and the fraud element of the accuser is becoming more and more of an issue at this time.

    • Yes ignore anyone who is trying to sort through the claims of fraud. That is a great way to bury your head in the sand while actual dialogues about the allegations are going on.

    • You hit it right on the head. They are feeding rxr and themselves.

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