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  • ME_ASSASSIN ME_ASSASSIN Apr 28, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    My Thoughts (somewhat lenghty)

    The Bad:

    1) Only richy and his minions (which may be alter-egos), blast the stock as bad. Seeing fraud and conspiracy's at every level. Easy to do when you make up facts, twist facts, and repeat your fantasies to the exclusion of valid posts. Even the arguments with himself/minions just give more exposure to his innuendo and lies. The lies now reach into conspiracy's with all the stock insiders, the CEO, COO, CFO, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, the SEC, the courts, and teh Chinese Government. Ummmm, WOW!

    2) The shorts and manipulators have this stock firmly under their control and have seen very clearly that our company does not fight them. There is always a chance that such power will result in a collapsed share price, as we have seen. Usually the fundamentals win out, but there are times when crashing prices, create bigger crashes, as all the weak hands and short termers panic.

    3) Our company seems to not understand the damage being done to their shareholders and the reputation of Yong itself. While most would agree that share repurchase makes sense at these levels and can only be a good thing. It makes very sound fiscal sense and can only help shareholders. Drying up the float each time the shorts cover will only strength Yong and certainly would look better during the 'roadshow'. Yet, we are betting on management and their knowledge and abilities. So in for a penny in for a pound, or get the tuck out.

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    • You are talking about Roe just as much as everybody else.... I guess that means you are one of his "minions" too

    • The good:

      1) KPMG has verified and signed off on the last three years. Knowingly under severe scrutiny given the china bashing that has occurred. The amount of conspiracy required to falsify records at this point is enormous. Too much to be reasonable. I trust the audits.

      2) Morgan Stanley, regardless of conspiracy theorists, they did spend millions in research, they backed it up with considerable documentation including reasonable goal points. All further backed by 50million in immediate investment, and several million more in straight open market. Are they conspiring with KPMG, YONG, and the Chinese Government, to rip off Americans on the Nasdaq? I think not. I trust the research and investment monies.

      3) The CEO invested 3 million out of pocket, some odd 25% of the company is insider owned/ Was this a trick to steal money? Did he conspire with KPMG, MS, Chinese Government, and all the insiders, to rip off Americans on the Nasdaq? I think not. I trust that he believes in YONG and believes he is doing the best for the company.

      4) Though small, we are in compliance with the SEC. It has been proven time and time again that we remain in compliance. Frivolous lawsuits have come and gone. With one of the big ones, dismissed and not able to be re-joined. Are these all part of a conspiracy to trick us? I think not. I trust in the current validity of these actual facts.

      5) The company has proven quarter over quarter that they are growing, and learning, and improving. They have built an extensive network of distribution and are placing product into that pipeline. Including 2 new products, that the conspirirists, will say are the same, but they are lying. Do the products have some of the same attributes. Duh. Of course, but small changes in formulation equate to entirely different product. Look at just simply NPK fertilizers. Some for grass, some for roses, some for tomatoes, ALL with NPK, all with different formulations, all different products. Is the company falsifying even more information and simply re-packaging exactly the same formulation, multiple times to trick us? I think not. I believe they are tweaking formulas, providing specific products for specific purpose, utilizing existing methodology and knowledge, to further leverage their branding. Exactly what you want a company to do. I trust the products, their validity, and believe the market.

      Bottom line, though not happy with the continued manipulation of our share price, I believe the fundamentals will win out in this case. The shorts/manipulators will move on to greener pastures, and Yong will become a shining jewel in my portfolio. This year? Unlikely. But into next and several years beyond? I believe so. So if I must wait for three-four years for a possible 10-bagger. happy to do so. Not what the short termers want, but reality.

      Yes, I have another buy in the queue.


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      • I too believe better days are ahead, but right now, I happen to think money is better spent elsewhere until there's reason to believe that the stock has any legs.

        I have a tiny position in it (like 3 digit number of shares) and I am not gonna add any more when I can put money in other stocks that are actually moving up in the meantime.