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  • plarger plarger May 11, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    Management MUST confront SHORTS

    Management is going to have to make this a priority...just like they did A/R collection and launching new products. There is no way that this stops if management doesn't confront it head on.

    They need to work with SEC and with their legal counsel in NY to do what it takes to rid their stock of the cockroaches. Blatant manipulation like what we are seeing today and have seen many times in the past should not be that difficult to investigate.

    Hang in there longs...we will start to put some pressure on management. We should also contact MS Asia...because they have a lot to lose if we all sell and tank this stock.

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    • Agreed. I am of the mind that we all, at least this board, should email a MS, Yongye, and any directors, as well as maybe the PR firm. Create a single agreed upon letter, each of us email the same letter to every agreed place, on the same day.

      I mean lets face it, even a monkey can look at teh last year and find the easiest 8 bouts with full on Manipulation. It is quite clear we went from 9 bucks a year ago, June 11, then each of 8ish events drove us a bit lower, to our current pittance. This in the face of nothing but good news and forward statements. AT least half of the biggest smack downs can be correlated to hit pieces and basher activity. Even our resident basher richie and his minions. Look at richies posts. He disappears before we climb, after we climb he reappears and stays until the next climb will begin.

      I think we should require a statement from our company, that they will investigate and corellate events with share price, share ownership, buys/sells/shorts/puts/calls, and I've no doubt an easy pattern will emerge.

      Something needs done. Heck they could of at least tied in with DEER:

      "Anonymous blogger must appear in NY court"

      Write one common letter, disclose to the company who you are and your share amount. Let them know that there are many of us.

      Now, all you have to do is get someone who is intelligent, reasonable, with obvious writing skill, to agree to format our common statement.

      To this, I nominate 'allan74z'.


    • Great post. Completely agree.

      It’s so consistent the way it gets manipulated each time before and after earnings. They count on small timers to drive it up before and right after earnings, but they stop it from breaking out by selling short, then wait until swing traders are done and vol drops after earnings and then sell it down in small lots, let the down momentum carry it further down, then probably cover a little at a time. It has to be the same people. They’ve already made so much doing it that if it ever did take off they could cover, lose on that cycle, but still be way ahead. It’s so consistent and tedious it makes me think it’s software, watching the asks, bids, stops, and placing sells during lulls. They are probably doing the same thing to other Chinese RTO’s.

      Only a big player would have the resources and nerve to be pulling crap like this. Somehow they know other funds will stay away. A crooked fund manager may have computer geeks working the software, possibly Ian’s buddies.

      Find out who Ian is working for and we’ll find the criminals. He is so unafraid of the law. The price manipulation is so blatant. They must be connected. They are begging for prison. They need to be squashed.

      What would it take to convince the SEC to investigate? For starters, YONG needs to sue Ian/RxR for defamation. Maybe he will give up his boss. Just him getting sued would probably scare off the others.

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      • Harry, you're very close to being dead on. The thing you must understand is it's many traders doing what traders do. They're selling into the rallys because the long term trend is down. The probabilities favor it and as you said it's been working very well. There's absolutely nothing criminal about it. Some people make money while other people lose it. Some people have a successful strategy to trade the market while others have a flawed strategy.

        It's a crule world out there. Today's markets are like shark infested waters. Never forget there's a lot of people out there who want to take your money.

      • A suit won't even do it. See DEER Re: AL little. The pps is the same as YONG's - hovering dimes above the multi-year. AL is residing in BC where DEER has no subpoena power. I'm sure it is the same thing with Ian - remember that picture of him on the boat? lol he prolly just stays out to see posting crap from his dingy.

      • YONG should lead the charge on a Defamation Lawsuit - no doubt about it! Or, a law firm should take the lead and file a Defamation Class Action Lawsuit against this noted $hort-Seller: Richard_x_Roe.

        This company, YONGYE INT'L, is hitting the ball out of the park!!! The fundamentals are SOLID AS A ROCK - and, yet - every day, long investors see this $hort-Seller, richard_x_roe, spewing blatant lie$, rumor$ and defamatory statements. Pathetic! This guy has not respect for the law.

    • amirstern May 11, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

      Nobody confronts shorts. Like nobody confronts longs.

      YONG is an extreme risk proposition.

    • plarger: Management CANNOT confront the TRUTH. And the truth is that Yongye is a complete fraud facing imminent and inevitable halt and delisting. Here is all the evidence - in black and white (and sometimes in color):

      It doesn't hurt that the A/R did not exist in the first place (if are to believe the writings of Yongye's Officer). Nor does it hurt that the "new" products are exactly the same as the old product (except for color label).

      They are already working with the SEC - how do I think I got those nice names of undisclosed related parties (which Yongye calls "significant customers") and the cost of humic acid?

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