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  • white_knight_in_texas white_knight_in_texas May 12, 2012 8:14 PM Flag

    DEFAMATION LAWSUITS...Getting lined up

    I predict there will be multiple DEFAMATION LAWSUITS filed against those that have made false allegations, defaming the reputation of YONGYE INTERNATIONALLY in an unsubstantiated way. The Blatant Lie$, Rumor$ and Mi$leading Comments add up to a DEFAMATION LAWSUIT because the FACTS of strong fundamental growth PROVE that the company is operating with honesty and integrity.

    The recent Earnings Release PROVED that YONG is delivering STRONG and CONSISTENT GROWTH - which is not what the $hort-$ellers wanted.

    INVEST in YONG - And, Make Them Squirm UP THE CHART!!!

    P.S. - At this low valuation, YONG could be taken private EASILY. The company's growth prospects have never been brighter - and it's like a MAGNET BUYOUT TARGET right now.

    LINK (May 10th Earnings Report):

    KEY EXCERPTS (Business Outlook/Forward Guidance), I QUOTE:

    << Business Outlook

    For the full year 2012, the Company reiterates its expected revenue between $495 million and $515 million and adjusted net income between $110 million and $120 million, which excludes the impact of non-cash expenses related to share-based compensation for management and independent directors, the amortization of the acquired Hebei customer list, and a change in the fair value of derivative liabilities. The Company also expects that its branded retailer network will be expanded to 35,000 by the end of 2012, which represents a 16.3% increase over the 2011 year-end number of 30,086. >>

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    • micropenis: you're panicking.

    • ken: YONG's COO stated (in writing) in 2011 that Yongye never sells on credit, that is, it never provides any credit terms to any of its distributors. YONG's CEO confirmed the COO's writing as truthful in the preface.

    • ken: YONG's COO stated (in writing) in the Spring of 2011 that Yongye never sells on credit, that is, it never provides any credit terms to any of its distributors. YONG's CEO confirmed the COO's writing as truthful in the preface.

      Consult the preface and page 117 here:

    • jon: I have never used the words "connotation" or "denotation," nor do I need to. I use the word "imminent," however. Imminent has nothing to do with hours or days, which you learned recently, because you could not find even one dictionary (or a college textbook) that stated that "very soon" means hours or days.

      As a result, you now have to agree that 1) Yongye is a complete fraud that is facing imminent and inevitable halt and delisting, 2) you are an illiterate moron.

      I pity your employer, if you have any, that is!

    • CEO stated in Oct. 2009

      "Company currently issues 3-6 month credit terms to its mature distributors."

      This is known fact and truth, making the dim-wit of this board a PROVEN LIAR or reader of fiction books.

      Someone that communicates with him should debate his LYING HABITS with him and making him apologize to the board and Yongye, like Ian did so bravely.

    • Look up "connotation" and "denotation," since you don't understand those words either. And I'm done with my "engaging the basher" session. I'm not going to argue semantics with a "writer" whose work would be in the trashcan at the publication where I work.

    • jon: "very soon" has nothing to do with hours or days. Please show me a dictionary (or a college textbook) that says that "very soon" means hours or days. If you cannot find such a dictionary, you should apologize, looks like.

      When did I say that "very soon" means at "any time in the future?" I have never said that. What I said, truthfully, is that Yongye is a complete fraud that is facing imminent and inevitable halt and delisting.

      It is obvious to anyone that you are an illiterate moron, whether you apologize or not!

    • LOLz... You spout circular logic along with unsubstantiated claims everyday, and your research isn't worth a nickel to a REPUTABLE publication. So forgive me for laughing at your suggestion that I AM the one insulting the intelligence of the board.

      YOU clearly still don't understand the meaning of the word "imminent," or for that matter, the definition of "connotation" and "denotation."

      likely or certain to happen very soon.

      NOT "at any time in the future." The connotation is obvious to anyone who's skull isn't thicker than a redwood tree trunk.

    • jon: If you were a nice guy, you would apologize for insulting the intelligence of everybody reading this message board. You should admit that:

      1) you had no idea what the word imminent meant.
      2) an employee is an employee.
      3) Yongye's animal product (a very profitable one, with 50% gross margin) contains 40% super-expensive fulvic acid, causing its gross margin to be severely negative, according to Yongye's fraudulent SEC disclosures.
      4) Yongye intentionally repeated the contribution to revenues from the the nox-existent "powder animal crop nutrient" in the press release, on the earnings call, and in the 10Q.

      Of course, whether you apologize or not, it is all the same. Yongye is a complete fraud and will be halted and delisted - it is imminent and inevitable. And you can't do anything about it.

    • Listen Richard, no matter how irritating you are to me, I don't want to continue hurling insults back and forth. I'm actually a nice guy, so I feel bad engaging in personal ad hominem attacks. I chucked the first personal insult, so I'll back off. And I need to stop posting here because to be honest it's stressing me out. But there has to be muted reciprocity: I already said that if you're apparently unsubstantiated allegations materialize, I'll be a man and admit that I was wrong. Heck, if you're in town, I'd even buy you a drink. But WHEN will you admit you're wrong? You can't continue to say "imminent and inevitable" forever. You have to have a timeframe for your silly prediction, otherwise you can never ever lose.

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