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  • harrypyeeter harrypyeeter May 21, 2012 7:16 PM Flag

    WOW what a concept - HEY Mg't

    Well-timed positive pr and the price goes up. UNBELIEVEABLE!! Very profound concept, mind boggling.

    In the slim chance that m’gt is behind it, KUDOS!

    In any case, LET’S HAVE SOME MORE!

    Slow board today, like everyone is afraid to breathe or something, or just don't give a steamy crap anymore

    Generous Genius, please don’t bother with the “in between hosings throbbing schwang bounce pattern”

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    • Throbbing Schwang bounce pattern. That's actually my favorite pattern

    • Hello Harry.

      I am generally with you on this. No doubt over the short run, positive pr has a positive effect... and inversely, (I am talking rocket science here) negative pr, from bashers, short sellers, etc., has a negative effect. So yes, management should produce some well timed positive pr.

      However, having said that, after all is said and done, it is really about earnings and future earnings. It is for that reason, that the YONG's management and board get kudos from me. They have consistently, year after year, grown a company which has generated strong earnings and cash flow. In the one major weakness, accounts receivables, they have shored that up and turned it around with good skill and speed. In effect, they have set the ground work for terrific future of profitable growth in a market that should be literally hungry for its product. And so now, if the stock price is depressed because of an onslaught of obsessive bashers and short sellers, I know in my heart of hearts that this company, like the cream that it is, will in due time surely rise to the top.

      And as my favorite Chinese philosopher, Hu Flung Dung, once said, "its all about the bucks... money talks, BS walks."

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      • Michelo (one of my favs, though I'm more of a craft beer lover nowadays), I agree mg't deserves great kudos running the company. I just wish they would attempt a little pr. I don’t wanna get bought out low, justified in part on the sp. If that happens, it’s obviously not a long term vision anymore, but a short term fight to see how low they can buy us out.

        And yes it was a bounce on low volume yesterday, but the price has been walked down with bad press and low volume, no reason positive PR and retailers can’t give it some support. Anything positive is good. Yongye needs to crank up the PR machine big time. Others here have said it before, and we just plod along with very scant pr.

        And yeah I'm an idiot and the whole sector is doing the same thing blah blah blah, save it.

        I should never post on mondays.

      • I totalyy agree