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Yongye International, Inc. Message Board

  • doneatforty doneatforty Jul 26, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Is RXR the Riddler?

    Colorado has the Joker we have the Riddler.

    How many trucks enter the plant? How many hours does the plant operate? How can the Inner Mongolian Government grant mining rights?

    All in the commission of the crime called libel with the intent of manipulation of a stock's price. Hopefully the Riddler ends up in the same prison as the Joker.

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    • li: Well, first learn to spell and then it will become all clear to you! Thank you!

    • How can a balanced pathetic lyer can change so rapidly in a histerical pathetic lyer?
      Is this what losing money do to people?
      Success Richie, you end up in mental institute or in jail.

    • I am really angry - about the taxes I am going to have to pay on my gains.

      Tell your boss to reach into his pocket!! The 100 share trickle trick is not going to stop this run. How many shares has he blown through today trying to cap the run.

    • done: I am not trying to convince you anything. You already know perfectly well that Yongye is a complete fraud and you won't see your money back. That is why you are so angry.

    • l8: Close, but no cigar.

      Yongye's buildings exists, but there is no production, according to government documents. The book is not out of context and has not been translated in English, to my knowledge (and YONG's management are not native English speakers anyway). At least two partners of KPMG China are corrupt, and this is the evidence: Mr. Homer (aka Hong) Sun is the corrupt employee of Morgan Stanley and has caused the firm and its clients in excess of $50 million of losses so far. YONG's products, when they were still manufactured in 2010, contained water-soluble humic acid, per government license. YONG does not sell to any farmers, according to YONG's SEC filings.

      Thank you for giving me your money, while I type! You must be really hurting since you know that Yongye is a complete fraud facing imminent and inevitable halt and delisting and you can't do anything about it.

    • The sad part about all of his BS is that his entire presence here make no sense at all.

      If he believed his own crap he would just take a position and then wait for things to play out.

      WHY WOULD HE TRY TO CONVINCE US OF HIS LIES ????????? Pathetic really.

      Don't worry his weasel boss is trying cover as I type this.

    • l8046 Jul 26, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

      The poor, clueless and pathetic RXR. What he's said so far: Yongye factories don't exist, takes words out of context from a two year old book and poorly translated, KPMG are crooks and on the take, Homer Sun is a crook and on the take, Morgan Stanley employees are crooks and on the take, there is no fumic/humic acid in the products, Yongye does not sell to farmers and is obsessed with posting ridiculous messages on this tiny little message board...What a childhood he must have had. Deranged, delusional; flagellating himself when he's not tapping on the keyboard. I for one pity the poor fool.
      Richard G.

    • done: Here are the answers: Zero. Zero. Easily - the Inner Mongolian Government grants mining rights after an auction as prescribed by law (and they don't cost millions of dollars but thousands of dollars), but the Wuchuan County Government can't, again as prescribed by law.

      Hope is not going to get you anywhere. Try again! Be a man and call Cynthia!

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