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  • iq180plus iq180plus Feb 6, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    My point is with financing in place, and a trio of Grade A parties to get the deal done

    How the hell can the stock fall to 5.45 when a pending sale for $6.60 is a slam dunk?
    I find this worrisome.
    I am also further annoyed by longs not happy with the 6.60 offer yapping about causing trouble, when the stock is doomed to go back to 3-3.50 dollars if the deal doesn't go through. Face it the H-town short crowd can do what they want with the shareprice unless these chinese companies are taken out by going private

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    • You can keep saying the same thing over and over but it won't change the minds of anyone that expects what I expect out of this company over the next 3-5 years.

      The best result for owners is that the company stays public (notice I said owners, not short term arbitrager shareholders).

      Hopefully the deal doesn't happen and I get to buy more shares to $3-$3.50, but given the buying group, it's likely they'll agree on something, tho I doubt it will be as low as $6.60.