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  • doneatforty doneatforty Apr 11, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    New Press Release

    At least we know that the NASDAQ is not sitting on the information provided and that YONG provided more information. There is a lot of money tied up here so I would rather hear "We are working on it" than have silence.

    "Subsequent to the Company's initial response, NASDAQ requested certain additional information from the Company. The Company is in regular contact with NASDAQ with respect to this matter and is working diligently to address NASDAQ's requests. The Company expects that trading in its securities will remain halted while NASDAQ conducts its inquiry and that such trading will resume only upon NASDAQ being fully satisfied with the additional information provided."

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    • It is a shame that the company or NASDAQ refused to be more transparent and let known the nature if not exactly the "additional information" and periodic updates.

      mho is that NASDAQ wants to know more about the buyout timing, like milestones on expected executive committee decision deadline, proxy voting, delist date etc.

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      • Turtle, You also have both CEO Zishen Wu and Morgan Stanley on both sides of the go private offer. They have to be extremely careful on what information they are giving to the NASDAQ so that they do not get sued later. It is not like handing the NASDAQ a spreadsheet you have sitting on your desk or even the 10K that they were ready to file anyway. Back at the end of March there were so many question here about KPMG and all of the possible reasons that they had not yet signed off on the 10K. Then they signed it and all of the speculation moved on to what does the NASDAQ now want and when will the be satisfied. We will have an answer soon enough.

    • When NASDAQ will be 'fully satisfied'? Is that next Monday? or 1 year later?