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  • wtd1776 wtd1776 May 29, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    YONG's Consultant Group

    I have concerns about what is happening with YONG, as we all are, and continue to look for the bright side. My wife says I' always look for the good things and too often don't consider the bad. Well today I did a little research after realizing that a company called FTI Consulting is listed as YONG's go to group in the US. Most of you already know that John Capodanno is listed as the contact person in the USA for YONG. He is located in New York. I googled FTI Consulting and looked around their site and find them to be an impressive group.

    They are a global company with significant capabilities. I searched their site for Yongye and found that they have a person in Hong Kong with a title of Senior Managing Director (with pretty good credentials) who consults with Yongye on their own territory. I obviously don't know what their role is in being a consultant for YONG, but it seems obvious to me that YONG is dealing in the big leagues. It put me a little at ease knowing that YONG is consulting with this caliber of company. I'm just hoping that FTI is keeping the welfare of us investors in mind during their consultations.

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    • jomachine1234 May 30, 2013 1:56 AM Flag

      FTI? Capodanno is the company's public relations rep I think............ And when I owned the stock, he never responded to any inquiries. Moreover, a company's PR people obviously have no bearing on the company itself

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      • watr May 30, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

        I also got quick replies from them. By now Yongye knows we all would like more info.

      • I got a couple of replies from John on the SEC 10K and halt filings. It is a IR firm and its interest is the company's first and shareholders second. If there is no news from the company, don't expect a reply. BTW, there is a phone number you can reach them but may have to leave a voice mail to call back.

      • jomachine1234,
        Interesting that you say you never received a response when sending an inquiry. Just before posting my findings I sent an inquiry to John at about 2:00 in the afternoon and received back a cordial reply less than an hour and a half later. I think that was pretty responsive. I have in the past send messages to both he and to Yongye's ir email address and have alway received back a response.

        Understanding that John may be part of the PR efforts at FTI, I feel the timely response I received is an idication that they are not hiding from us investors. Also, the content was rational and informative.

        My point was that YONG is in a relationship with a pretty solid company in FTI. Sometimes you need to judge an entity by the company they keep. (KPMG; Morgan Stanley, FTI, etc)

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