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  • bruce_mclendon bruce_mclendon Sep 23, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    What should we do

    I am probable one of the largest private stock holder 340,000 shares I have endured several years of short attacks and almost delisting and then the special committee in China allow this to go private because when they announce the stock repurchase YONG had been beaten down by short and reverse merger fall out. This company book value is $10. We are being raped and pillaged. Please vote as a stockholder you have nothing to lose evertthing to gain. VOTE NO.

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    • Wow funny the people that come out of the woods when the share price goes up lol.. so you would you vote NO just because the book value is $10? What makes you think this chinese smallcap RTO fresh off a Nasdaq investigation in a fraud ridden sector of the market will come close to realizing book value when the whole sector is trading at a fraction of book value because of almost zero demand and trust from investors? You believe the management is crooked and "pillaging" shareholders, yet you will trust them enough to invest your supposed 340K shares for the indefinite future?

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      • I trust them to do what they have done well thus far, and that is grow the business. If they keep the company public, it would ultimately be in their best interest to support the share price, as they are themselves shareholders. Right now what is in their best interest is to take the company private as cheaply as possible.

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    • Good question, other than the obvious no vote, what is the best move here. I’m so sick of this company I wanna vomit in a bucket and then drown RxR in it. I’m really sick of having my money tied up in this turd. I’m leaning towards hanging on through the vote just for the principle of it, then if we can’t vote it down I’m thinking about bailing after 4 or so years of pure hell and very little to show for it. Keeping my money tied up even longer during a legal battle isn’t appealing. All I do is watch other stocks go through the roof. I need to call Tony Soprano’s therapist and go take it out on her.

    • I don't think that even Jerry Sandusky could have plowed us this deeply ...

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    • I am in for a NO

    • Hi Bruce,
      if you vote fore "NO", you have dissenters rights ! With 340.000 shares you should force them to provide an "appraisal report". This report should determine the "fair value". Do you have asked an attorney ?



      Definition of 'Dissenters' Rights'
      State legislation that allows shareholders of a corporation the right to receive a cash payment for the fair value of their share, in the event of a share-for-share merger or acquisition to which the shareholders do not consent. Dissenters' rights allow dissenting shareholders an easy way out of the company if they do not want to be a part of the merger.

    • I don't know if we collectively have enough shares to vote this down, but we can try!

    • wow, 340,000 shares! Vote NO and your shares will be back to $4, I guess that's probably what you want.

    • Would also be nice to know Peter Sirus's thoughts on this!!!!! He has to be #$%$!!!! I actually think we might have enough votes to shoot this down?!

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