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  • psft99x psft99x May 22, 2008 3:06 AM Flag

    FRO paid 14% Dividend

    The last 3 dividends are: $3.25, $1.50, $2.00.

    Now, we have $2.75 per share. So, we have $8.50/share annually. That is about 14% dividend and over 40% gain from the share price. I believe FRO should be a good short term play. I expect to see over $70 in the next 2-3 weeks.

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    • It's great to see so many happy investors counting their money - but has anyone noticed that the stock has fallen from 68 to 58 in the last couple of weeks? That's a 15% loss.

    • do your calculations include the special divis?

    • actually the better numbers are the past 3 years which have AVERAGED $11 = 18%.

      FRO will produce closer to $13 for 2008 total dividends
      which will be 21% yield on todays close.

      What more do your idiots want?

      This is the gimmie SLEEPER of a lifetime. Load up and relax.
      FRO goes higher and pays higher as time goes on. It's a huge company #1 in the industry-- go with the best!


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    • Rad you are a basher nothing more nothing less and not a very good one at that. If you are so negative on FRO then don't invest and go away otherwise what is your motivation for your negative and deceptive posts?????

      As for your logic, they are DIVIDENDS you accounting and financially challenged basher because the were legally declared and will be taxed as dividends.

      EPS for last quarter was $2.95 and the declared dividend was only $2.75 so they banked cash and did so in Q4 07 as well.

      As for all of 2007 they paid out (per financial statements) $11.04 in dividends on EPS (earnings per share in case you don't know) of $7.62. HOWEVER, dividends are paid out of cashflow which can be, and in FRO's case is, hugely different than EPS. That is why companies along with balance sheet and income statements put out this report called a "cashflow" statement where noncash expenses such as DEPRECIATION get added back. In FRO's case depreciation for all of 2007 was 220 MM which equates to almost $3.00 per share. So if you add the $3 to the $7.62 EPS you get very close to the $11.04 dividend.

      Yes they have over the years had a few retrun of capital ditributions but the overwhelming majority have been DIVIDENDS!!!!

      Im sure MR. Fredriksen knows very well what he is doing and hence my money is on him. Hell he even made two extremely hot daughters Kathrine and Cecelie. Everything this man does is MONEY. I've attached a few links for your viewing pleasure......

      Make sure you scroll down on the last one!!!!

      GO FRO and GLTA JF longs!!!!!

    • Not so:
      Some of the distribution may be capital gains.

      · Frontline reports net income of $221.0 million and earnings per share of $2.95 for the first quarter of 2008,
      including gain on sale of assets and partial spin-off of subsidiary of $37.0 million
      · Frontline announces a cash dividend of $2.75 per share for the first quarter of 2008
      · 17.53% of our shareholding in Independent Tankers Corporation Limited was spun off to Frontline’s ordinary
      · Frontline invested $20 million in February 2008 in NAVIG8 LIMITED against the issue of new share capital
      representing a total of 15.8% stake in the company
      · Frontline agreed to terminate the long term charter party for the single hull VLCC Front Sabang and has
      received a compensation payment of approximately $24.6 million in the second quarter of 2008
      · In April 2008 Frontline entered into a contract in China for delivery of four 320,000 dwt VLCC newbuildings
      · Frontline announces that it has declared options for further two similar VLCC newbuilding contracts in China
      · The third heavy lift vessel, Front Comor, converted by COSCO was redelivered to Dockwise in May, 2008.

    • it is NOT dividend... it is DISTRIBUTION.. company makes less than $5 in EPS.. cannot pay $12 in "dividends".. can they?? it is return of capital... plus dividend... not as "good" as u think it is... actually it is baaad

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