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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Oct 31, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

    Why I Can't Vote For Obama

    We may not always get what we pray for .But I believe in God ,you believe in Obama.

    Best of luck to you anyway.

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    • Wareham I understand your anti aboration so am I. However what are you for? You are correct in saying God would be against aboration (my opinion and I don;t speak for God) but I also think God would be for taking care of babies in the womb and once outside it as well. If that be by socialized medicane so be it. If God is in the life business and I think he is then your and mine tax dollars can't be witheld to watch babies die for lack of medical attention.
      Also since we both are against aboration what are we going to do with them million babies born once aboration is done away with? Again they have to have medical care, food, shelter, cloths are you willing to pay more taxes to make sure they get all that? I am. The failure of "God's People" to be for something causes what they are against to be looked on as a joke by the word. The same world God wants the gospel brought too. I see a lot of "God's people" more concerned about lower taxes than food, cloths and meds for the poor, old and young. Jesus said those that didnt feed him when he was hungry, cloth him when he was naked and come to him when sick or in jail would have none of the Kingdom. It is easy to thump your chest and yell out what your against but what I want to see out of the Republican Religious Right is a cry for the homeless, sick, poor and unhealthy as loud as the cry against homo's and same sex marriage. God says clearly lack of love is #1 sin and to me and a lot of the world the Jesus of the religious right isnt something I am proud of nor do I think Jesus would have much to do with. A little looking at the log in one own eye would be a good thing to do instead of the mote in that liberal eye.

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